Dan and Dave Buck


A visual teleportation of a selected card from one hand to the other. The effect combines a rhythmic display of cardistry and magic.


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Have you ever imagined transporting a card from one half of the deck in one hand to the other half in the other hand? Well this effect is just that. It's an effect that comes from Dan's and Dave's Andthensome Collection, and happens to be one of its highlights. It teaches the method in itself which can of course be used in a variety of tricks. It also teaches the pop-out move seen on the performance which is an awesome card production.

In general, this is very effective performance-wise and never fails to amaze. It can be done on-the-go and it respects that "short, sweet and to-the-point" criteria which is so appreciated by many magicians. I recommend it entirely and consider it a great addition to anyone's magic arsenal.



It's a trick that can be done on an offbeat if someone asks to see a quick trick. It's one of those tricks you don't even have to talk during. Which is nice if its noisy. It's short but powerful. Plus the "special move"can be applied to tons of other plots and ideas. I recommend this effect to anyone who likes 'to the point tricks'. Great trick to have in your pocket.



This trick was published in Andthensome Collection. It is a new card across effect that meant to improve the card across trick in The Trilogy which the selected card get across the packet and appear face up. While Portal provided the card to appear face down as it was inserted into the other packet.

For me, I think Portal is much easier, and faster. This is a great effect to perform when someone ask you to perform a quick trick. And from this trick you will get several techniques that you can use with other tricks. I can't tell you what it is, but trust me you will use those definitely.

And last thing, this trick is impromptu, nothing more than a deck of cards needed. This is my favorite card across trick of all time.



This trick is a visual description of the Buck's style. It has the perfect balance of flourishes and magic. Learning this is simple thanks to the incredibly detailed explanation! Your audience will never see the pop out coming.

I think the best thing about this effect is that it looks like what teleportation should look like. Think about it, you show the face of a card and place it in a spread in your right hand. With a shake it visually pops out of existence and then a moment later apparates in your left hand visually! I might sound crazy but thats what the effect looks like.

This will take some practise (mainly the pop out) but then doesn't all good magic?



Portal is definitely one of my favourite instant cool card tricks. It is visual, powerful, and creative. You can also apply the pop-out move and the spread-double-lift to other tricks. I recommend this trick to anyone who loves "to the point tricks" and this is the one you should get right now.



This trick is one of my favorite impromptu effects. It's great and catches people off guard. It does some practice to do the pop out part, but once you get it down it's an amazing trick to have in your repertoire.



As magicians, we all have been asked, "Show me a trick," and what is better than showing an impossible, visual card transposition that will AMAZE your spectators. What I like the most about this trick is the slide on top of the fan. Even though that is my favorite part, the spectator will remember how the card in fort of his eyes disappears and appear on the other hand. This trick is by far one of the easiest, most impressive, "miracles," I have ever learned.

Highly Recommended



Often, some of my favorite effects, like fission for aces, require a great deal of setup. Unfortunately, people typically want to see a trick at a time when the deck is not prearranged. However this one is completely impromptu, and can be performed with almost any deck, no matter the quality. I saw this one on andthensome, and with a few hours of practice, I was performing it almost flawlessly. Plus, a table is not necessary for this trick, so you can perform it almost anywhere. A great trick.



I was really excited to finally learn portal! I saw it on Dan and Dave's andthensome teaser and was mind blown. I finally saw it on their page for $6.95. I was a little worried about paying that much for a trick, but after some thought I decided to purchase it. I'm glad to say it was worth every cent! If you're thinking about about this item, don't think any longer! It will be an awesome card production to add to your collection.