Dan and Dave Buck


Vertigo is just one of ten original flourishes explained on The Trilogy, a body of work that spans over ten years of study and practice of the art of cardistry.


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Customer reviews for Vertigo


This is beautiful!!! An excellent trick and a quick flourish which will amaze everyone!!!



This is the first flourish that involves the use of the body and foot. The hands part is quite easy, but the foot part and balance of the body to kick the cards without separating them is quite hard. It's a advanced flourish. This really draws attention from everyone.



When I first bought this about two months ago, I was excpecting hours of picking up cards from the floor. I was completely wrong in thinking so. There actually is a devilishly clever technique and after six tries, eight at the most, I managed to do it.

The only flaw I can imagine is the fact that friends will feel compelled to try it out ... which resulted in a complete failure when decided to be a bit too accepting. Anyway, recommended completely, have fun with it, and don't be discouraged too quickly, it's a knack that you'll get in time.



This is a clean fancy looking flourish that will amaze everyone, when you do it perfectly it looks like and impossible display of skill. The hand part is very easy, and you should be able to master it within a few minutes. The foot part is very difficult though, however the teaching is good enough to get you through it. The teaching would have been better if there were verbal instructions, however the on-screen text gives you more than enough information on how to do everything correctly.

If you are new to flourishes and cardistry, this is a good starting point and even though it is a little knacky, anyone can do it.



Vertigo is a very clean, simple and flashy florish. The first part of the flourish is very easy and you should have it down in under five minutes having said that you will need some patience and practice to get the foot part down. That being said it is well worth the effort.