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Hopping Table - Top Only Trick
Hopping Table - Top Only
Trick by Mikame - $230.00

Mikame presents a sturdily made table top which you can add to any table to create an ideal space for performing card or close-up magic A pull out drawer is customized to hold two separate card decks & two coin loading squares. Also, there is a built in tray for the included Mikame wooden...

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One-Hand Top Palm Magic download (video)
One-Hand Top Palm
Magic download (video) by Alex Linian - $10.00

Alex Linian's contemporary handling of the One-Hand Top Palm will delight and surprise everyone, whether you already do this move or you just always wanted to. It's a slick and fooling handling of a much-neglected sleight. Here Alex takes you from the absolute basics to advanced techniques (like...

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To The Top Trick
To The Top
Trick by Lloydini - $29.95

A visual ending for an ambitious card routine. While the deck is wrapped in a dollar bill. A signed card visually jumps to the top. No deck switches Examinable before and after

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