2019 Top Selling Magic Books

By Vanishing Inc. - Wednesday, January 8, 2020

At this time of year, it becomes natural to reflect on the biggest and best of the previous year. And so our minds wandered to what were our best-selling books of the year. The results may surprise you! In reverse order ...

10. The Buena Vista Shuffle Club
Matt Baker is mathematician from Atlanta whose first book, The Buena Vista Shuffle Club put him on many magicians' radars. This is perhaps due to the admirable collection of the clever mathematical principles that he applied to card magic, along with some great sleight of hand ideas too.

9. Astonishing Essays - Prison Magician
Our book by an anonymous author who serves a life sentence in prison has been a consistent seller this year. The story is fascinating, inspiring, and often heartbreaking. It's not your typical magic book, but that's exactly why it has been popular amongst readers.

8. Astonishing Essays - Andi Gladwin
Andi's essay on studying magic has resonated with a lot of our customers and has received praise from all major magic reviewers that have tackled it. We think the praise is well deserved.

7. The Magic Rainbow
Any new book by Juan Tamariz is likely to be on a best-sellers list, but of course, his magnum opus The Magic Rainbow was always destined to be a popular read!

6. The Card Magic of Edward G. Brown
Who said magic history is boring? Andi Gladwin spent years researching and writing this book and so we're glad that it has been so well received by our customers.

5. Maximum Entertainment 2.0: Expanded & Revised
Maximum Entertainment was always a good selling magic theory book, but Ken Weber's updated version has been even more popular this year!

4. Pure Imagination
Vanishing Inc. cofounder Andi Gladwin's third book on our best-selling list has been one of our most positively reviewed magic books of the year. It contains the magic of Scott Robinson and many say is our best-looking book yet.

3. Astonishing Essays - Rob Zabrecky
Zabrecky takes us through his A - Zs of magic; each letter highlighting an important lesson that we can all learn from.

2. Astonishing Essays - Steve Cohen
The fourth Astonishing Essay on the best sellers list, also happens to be the first in the series!

1. Principia by Harapan Ong
While it officially launched in 2018, Harapan's book has continued to remain one of our best-selling.

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Thursday, 09 January 2020 01:46 AM - Reply to this comment

That's amazing for Pure Imagination considering it was released towards the end of the year. Well done Andi and Scott.

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