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Balance by Joshua Jay – FAQs

joshua jay balance with Josh

It’s been an exciting week. I have put years into making Balance into something special, and now we’ve shared it with the world. I’m overwhelmed by the reception that Balance has received throughout the week.I have been speaking to, and emailing, hundreds of you to answer some of your questions. So, I have collated all of my answers into this blog post.

Are the objects examinable?

Yes, all of the objects are examinable before the effect. The box (which is provided) helps you execute a very deceptive switch so that the un-gimmicked items (also provided) can be fully examined.

Joshua Jay Balance

How easy is “Balance” to do?

Very easy. It’s almost self-working!

Are the objects customizable?

You can customize the crayon, the bottle, the card box and the crayon box. You receive a PDF instruction sheet which teaches you how to do this.

I don’t want the cigarette version. Can I get the crayon version instead?

Every “Balance” comes with a crayon. We then teach you how to change it to a cigarette if you wish.

How does the effect end?

I like to leave the structure in place. People LOVE to take pictures of it. It’s a cool oddity. Of course, you can disassemble it in front of an audience if you like.

Can you disassemble the structure in front of an audience?

Absolutely! I don’t do it this way but you could if you wanted to.

Are the TV rights for “Balance” included when I purchase?


Will replacement gimmicks be available?

Yes. We have made the gimmicks to last a long time so you shouldn’t ever need to replace your gimmicks but in the unlikely event that you do, you just need to contact our customer support department and they will happily assist you.

How much is “Balance”?

For the rest of the year, “Balance” is only $200. On 1st January 2019, the price will go up to $250 so make sure that you order before then in order to save money.

Do you anticipate “Balance” going out of stock before Christmas?

Yes – we have been working on the manufacturing of Balance for years (no joke!) but it looks like we underestimated demand. We anticipate it going of stock before Christmas. We will get more in stock but if you are interested in buying it, we highly recommend that you pre-order now.

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