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Magic Book of the Week | Del Ray

Welcome to the first of a new feature we’ll be running on the blog called Magic Book of the Week.

Each week, one member of the VI team will talk about a book they love. 

This week, Andi chats about Del Ray – America’s Foremost. Not a traditional magic book in so far as it’s not rammed full of tricks, but watch the short video below to find out why Andi loves it. 

What books should we take a look at in the future? Let us know in the comments. 

And if you’d like to record a Book of the Week video for us yourself, please get in touch and we’ll have a chat about it. 

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2 thoughts on “Magic Book of the Week | Del Ray”

  1. A nice review Andi. The late Brian Glover put me onto this book which I enjoyed immensely along with the accompanying DVD. The trouble Del Ray went to to create and perform original magic was amazing. He certainly was one of a kind.
    I would like to see a review of The Magic of Johnny Thompson.
    Best regards

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