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Book Of The Week | The Memory Arts

If I were to tell you that at MagiFest, The Trustmans (creators of this week’s Magic Book of the Week), showed how to memorise the Tamariz stack in 15 minutes you may be suspicious.

But they did.

All thanks to the amazing, graphical system they developed.

Andi chose their The Memory Arts book as his pick this week.

Stay tuned early next year for a special episode of our podcast, The Insider, to hear more from The Trustmans.

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1 thought on “Book Of The Week | The Memory Arts”

  1. As a psychologist when i saw this explained by the Trustmans at Magifest I had my doubts. By the end of the weekend I went up and thanked them. The system they use is excellent. This is NOT the magic hype we often read. This really works. Buy this book.

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