How to Evolve your Magic

By Vanishing Inc. - Friday, October 16, 2020

Ryan Plunkett performs for sold-out crowds nearly every night of the week as the resident magician at the Chicago Magic Lounge. This has afforded him an incredible opportunity to carefully refine every aspect of his set—from the magic tricks to the scripts—like a fine whiskey. (Fun Fact: that's actually why he decided to name his latest book "Distilled".)

Yet, you don't need your own residency to discover unique ways to continually evolve your material. In fact, Ryan believes that simply finding ways to make minor changes with each performance is the key to driving sustained growth.

This week, Matt Szat sat down with Ryan to discuss this, as well as the importance of finding an environment that allows your magic to speak the truest, choosing the right material and even how to improve the production of your parlor or virtual magic show.

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