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By Roberto Giobbi - Friday, September 27, 2019

From Hidden Agenda, April 16th

Card to Envelope and Wallet Apr 17th

About the subject of having a selected and signed card reappear in an envelope inside the zippered compartment of a wallet, I would like to mention an excellent idea that comes in Frank Csuri’s Dr. Daley’s Notebook.

There it is entry number 565, titled “Card to Envelope Wrinkle.” As Daley usually attributed most entries to a name, and this hasn’t one attached to it, I assume it is Daley’s own idea.

The note reads: “In using my card to envelope trick use assistant’s post marked envelope sent to myself in pencil which is later erased and assistant’s name and address typed in.”

What a wonderful idea!

Rather than going through the trouble of sending the envelope to yourself, you can also simply go to the post office and ask them to put their post mark (clearly!) on a stamped envelope without an address. You then write in your customer’s address, and during the performance find his signed card (or what-have-you of his property) in this envelope addressed to him.

All entries from this series come from Roberto Giobbi's Hidden Agenda book.

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