By Ian Flinn - Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Art of Magic

When people think of magic and magicians, Las Vegas immediately springs to mind. Though many of the innovators and masters in magic are located in the Desert of Dreams, a place with equally as much innovation and as many deep traditions of magic is New York City. Magic is strong in “the city that never sleeps”, with Steve Cohen’s Chamber Magic, Derek DelGaudio’s In & of Itself, New York’s longest running off-Broadway magic show, Monday Night Magic, and many more. And the newest show in town is a welcome addition to the roster.

On a brisk November night, magic and impossibility were on full display. Magician and mind monger, Asi Wind, presented the first installment of Impossible, a performance collaboration between The Conjuring Arts Research Center and the Slipper Room, a burlesque theatre with a reputation as the place to see the cutting edge of performance art.

Asi Wind is an industry trendsetter and one of the top pros working today. He recently finished a nationwide tour performing with David Blaine and has also completed a sold out, off-Broadway run of Concert of the Mind, a completely original show conceived and performed by Wind.

The line of fans and non-magicians alike wrapped around the street corner as people eagerly anticipated how the night of wonder would unfold. The doors promptly opened at 7:30 and the guests were welcomed into the warm theatre, glowing red and gold as the dim lighting danced off the velvet curtains and gilded ceilings.

The packed theatre buzzed with excitement, and standing room guests had great sightlines from both the house and mezzanine areas. As they say, “There isn’t a bad seat in the house.” The lights dimmed as the evening’s performer took the stage, and Asi Wind opened his show by addressing his honor of being the first to headline this unique NYC magic experience.

Wind’s performance style focuses on chance and choice and challenges the audience to ruminate on the question “What if?”. “What if I? chose the other object?” “What if I? twisted the cube 1 more time?” Wind’s magic encourages the audience members to fill in those gaps of curiosity with their own imagination.

As an intermission to Wind's miracles, one of the leading stars in magic took the stage and performed a signature piece. This surprise guest mystified the audience, who were elated to experience magic from a celebrity in the field! Surprise guest performers will be a recurring theme of Impossible, and it’s a wonderful hook that will keep audience members coming back.

Wind’s magic was masterfully choreographed in such a way that the finale connected each aspect of his show from the beginning for a truly impossible finish. The most moving aspect is that it’s never the same. The audience witnessed a show just for them because every moment is dependent upon the spontaneous choices made by each participant, leaving witnesses to ponder the reality of free will, entropy, suggestion, and destiny.

Impossible is a collaboration between the Conjuring Arts Research Center and the Slipper Room with the goal of offering the public an opportunity to see the greatest magicians from across the globe showcase their signature pieces.

For more information about Asi Wind and to discover his magic, explore his artist page on

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