Magifest 2023 Preview: Mark Calabrese

By Vanishing Inc. - Saturday, November 12, 2022

Few magicians offer a more potent combination of incredible chops and jaw-dropping magic than Mark Calabrese. A regular performer at New York City’s massively popular Speakeasy Magic, Mark has assembled one of the finest card magic acts you’ll ever see. His work has been refined and polished in front of real audiences, and Magifest attendees will be lucky enough to experience it live during Mark’s can’t-miss bar magic sessions.

You also don’t want to miss out on your chance to join mark for an exclusive, intimate 3-hour workshop on the Sunday after the convention concludes. This new lecture will focus on the real work behind transforming simple card magic tricks into a true act.

These workshops sell out every year. And, as of posting this, limited tickets remain.

Register for Mark Calabrese’s Workshop

To help pass the time until January, here is a fun game of two truths and a lie. Take a guess in the comments at which one you think Mark is lying about.

Two Truths & a Lie: Mark Calabrese

  1. Mark has read every single magic book that he owns.

  2. While many people know Mark has tattoos on nearly every part of his body, few people know that there is a Joshua Jay tattoo hidden on his left arm.

  3. Mark has done modeling before.


Mark was lying about #2. He does have a famous “Jay” tattooed on his arm and it’s one of his favorite tattoos. But it’s Ricky Jay, not Joshua Jay.

So did you get it right? Let us know below.

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