Miracle One: Everything You Need to Know

By Vanishing Inc. - Friday, December 9, 2022

"Miracle One" by Christian Grace is one of the biggest releases of the year. This incredibly fooling and entertaining take on the ACAAN plot feels so close to real magic, many magicians actually accused Christian of using a stooge (including our own Andi Gladwin).

miracle one

"Miracle One" at a Glance:

  • They choose a card from a deck they shuffled and cut
  • They then name a number and deal to it in another deck of cards that's been in view the entire time
  • The card at the number they chose perfectly matches the card they selected earlier
  • Their card, their number—every time
  • Multiple different methods have been layered together to make this incredibly deceptive
  • No difficult sleight of hand required
  • Well within the range of any magician

While Christian does seem to have otherworldly creative skills, he has not unlocked the key to real magical powers (yet). So, "Miracle One" does have a method. We can't give that method away. But, we have put together an FAQ that answers all the important questions you may have.

Be warned though. Once you realize how "Miracle One" can withstand even the intense scrutiny of the magician brain, it will be quite hard to resist hitting that "add to cart" button.

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”Miracle One” FAQ

Is “Miracle One” easy to perform?
“Miracle One” is well within the range of any magician. No difficult sleight of hand moves are required. Just a little bit of memory work and you're good to go. A helpful crib is also included to ensure you never forget.

The performance in the trailer feels way too fair. You really didn't use a stooge?
Nope. No stooge. Their chosen card appears at their named number every single time. They choose the card, they pick the number, they are holding the cards when dealing down to the number and they can turn over the final card.

A true miracle.

Here is another performance so you can see for yourself:

Is This an ACAAN or CAAN?
To your audience, it is a miracle-level ACAAN. They shuffle, cut and choose a card themselves. There's no way, they'd ever suspect a card is being forced on them. In fact, you could argue it's fairer than any other force since it would be impossible for them to think you're doing any sneaky sleight of hand.

It's the fairest, cleanest card force you could ever do. But, it's still a force. So, "Miracle One" is technically a Card at Any Number (CAAN). Perform it once though, and you'll quickly realize that doesn't lessen its impact even remotely. Your audience genuinely feels like they could have chosen any card and any number, and the fact the two matched will make their brains explode.

Can the spectator see the faces of the cards?
Yes! There aren't any mis-pipped cards in play that you need to hide. As you saw in the video, after the cards are dealt, you can even pick them back up and ribbon spread them to show all the cards are different.

Can this effect be repeated?
“Miracle One” is closer material that is not designed to be repeated out of the box. But, with a little DIY, you could create an alternate "Miracle One" deck if you really wanted. We wouldn't suggest spending your time on that though, because there really is no reason to ever repeat this effect. This is closer material that leaves a unforgettable impression on every audience. You would never want to tarnish that by repeating the effect.

Is “Miracle One” similar to other effects on the market?
“Miracle One” is a multi-layered effect using its own distinct combination of methods. That being said, it was inspired by some other great effects on the market including Mike Rose’s “The Grail” and Adrian Vega’s “SCAANDAL”. These creators not only gave their full support to this release, but added extra praise for Christian’s ingenious approach to this idea.


Did you watch the video above? Go back and watch before going any further, or none of this will make sense.


Welcome back!


Another strong performance of "Miracle One", right?

What's even better is that some of you may not have even noticed the slight difference between that video and the one from the trailer. We wouldn't blame you though, because it's not meant to be noticed.

As you can see, everything about the effect remains true across both performances.

It's their card. It's their number. And they dealt to the final number and card. A true impossible miracle.

The only thing that may change based on the situation is that you might need to take the cards out of the box for them and, in some cases, deal a few cards first. That's it.

It's a totally inconsequential moment that has essentially no impact on the final effect. But, instead of telling you that, we figured it would be easier to just show you.

Did you also notice that the spectator technically couldn't have chose any number between 1 and 52? No? Well, neither did they.

For the method to work, the number has to be within a large bank of numbers that excludes a few of the highest numbers. But, Christian’s carefully-developed scripting uses practical and clever linguistic techniques to ensure you have a 100% success rate. After performing it a few times ourselves, we forgot the range even existed because it was never an issue.

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Reader comments:


Sunday, 11 December 2022 13:17 PM - Reply to this comment

How much stuff do you have to remember?


Monday, 12 December 2022 18:59 PM

There's not much to remember. But, if you don't want to remember anything at all, you don't have too. The crib handles that for you.


Saturday, 17 December 2022 02:43 AM - Reply to this comment

This looks a lot like Al Baker's ''A card and a number'' published in 1933 in Al Baker book 1.
Surprising that his name is not mentionned in the description above !

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