My Favorite Card Tricks: John Carey

By Alex Robertson - Thursday, January 9, 2020

We asked some of magic's greatest minds to share with us their favorite card tricks. This week is the turn of John Carey. You may know him as a publisher of 6 critically acclaimed books (including his brand new work, Reflections), or from his hit DVD Handle with Carey. Over to John:


  1. Dai Vernon’s Trick That Cannot Be Explained. I absolutely love this effect because to a layman, the effect is inexplicable. The effect is never the same, which means you have to be creative under fire, using all one’s knowledge to bring the effect home.

  2. Think A Card. Another miracle for the public. It’s one thing for them to take a card, but when the thought of a card is purely in their mind, the effect and impact is stellar! I have many versions, but I would advise the student to check out Dai Vernon’s Out of Sight Out of Mind as a starting point if they wish to add this kind of effect to their repertoire. Also, study the work of Dani DaOrtiz.

  3. Triumph. Vernon’s effect is nothing short of a miracle. The effect is timeless and I urge the student to study this effect, first published in the Stars of Magic. A great in the hands version is John Bannon’s Last Man Standing

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Tuesday, 25 February 2020 00:08 AM - Reply to this comment

Carey's "Think and Sync" is a fine "thought of" card routine that is almost self-working. He has certainly done some great work in this area.

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