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By Vanishing Inc. - Sunday, March 10, 2019

It seems like only last week we were saying goodbye to the 1,000 attendees of the Magifest. But we’ve been busy planning the 2020 Magifest and have an exciting update to share.

Among the many highlights of the convention was one pervading problem: the venue was simply too small. We’ve outgrown the Crown Plaza, and we knew, as you did, that it was time to look for a new home. Therefore, our new hotel will be the Renaissance Hotel in downtown Columbus—part of the Marriott family. This is a drastic improvement in facilities, and downtown Columbus is a bustling place with numerous food options. If you bring your spouse, there’s more to do downtown as well. The food at the Renaissance is excellent, and there are several options. Most importantly, the public areas are bigger, more luxurious, and give us some much-needed elbow room. Next year there will be more dealers, a bigger stage and screens, and a lobby that can accommodate everyone deep into the night.

Magifest hotel

The posted room rates at the Renaissance are considerably more expensive than the Crown Plaza, but our new friends have given the Magifest a tremendous room rate. Published rates exceed $199 per night, but during the Magifest, with our code, you pay just $109 per night. That’s a five-dollar increase from our previous hotel.

The hotel is larger but it will sell out again. Please register now with both the hotel and the Magifest. You can, at any time before November 1st, get a refund on your registration. Registration increases by $50 after July 1st, so it’s to your great advantage to reserve now.

Reserving your ticket takes two minutes, and can be done on our all-new Magifest website. In order to get the discounted rate, you can reserve your hotel room here.

We have plans in motion to make this the most spectacular Magi-Fest yet. Our new venue affords us many new possibilities. We can’t wait for you to experience what we have planned.

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Saturday, 08 June 2019 00:49 AM - Reply to this comment

I look forward to 2020 MagiFest.
My major concern with the hotel is the parking rates. I called the hotel and spoke with an event representative who said that it is possible that you could work something out with them to eliminate the parking fees.
These extra fees cut into my magic dealer money.
Can you please help us ?
There are other parking decks at different prices but who needs the hassle associated with parking at other locations?
Thank you for your time and attention regarding costly parking fees.

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