Race to the Top?

By Andi Gladwin - Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Retail industries always talk about a "race to the bottom" where companies fight to sell their products for lower than their competitors. This is vicious circle that causes stores to cut corners and find ways to reduce the quality of their service in order to lower prices. You get a worse service in return for a dollar or two savings.

Instead of this approach, I encourage other magic stores to join us in a race to the top and improve our service:

Let's all work to offer better shipping options: we're in constant contact with our shipping partners (USPS, UPS, Royal Mail and DPD) to find out how we can provide better service.

Let's work to improve our websites: the general quality of magic shop websites is pretty low. We work constantly to make improvements to make our website faster, more usable, and more fun to use. We're particularly proud of how smooth our checkout process and download area is compared to other shops.

Let's offer better products: we're the only magic store that curates and keeps the bad stuff away. And as we continue to publish magic books and produce our own tricks, we're committed to offering the very best quality.

Let's be more transparent: the magic world is shrouded in secrecy, but we're on a mission to create trailers that tell the full story, and advertising that is fair and accurate.

We're certainly not perfect, but we're working hard to be. We try to take inspiration from our customers, and both inside and outside of the magic world to find ways to improve our service. If you think we can do something better - please let us know! We thrive on feedback.

So, for the other magic shops reading this: will you join us in a race to the top? Everyone will benefit in turn because as we strive to improve our service, the industry will grow - and then maybe we can even work at lowering prices.

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