The Session 2023 Preview: Arthur Benjamin

By Vanishing Inc. - Sunday, November 13, 2022

Dr. Arthur Benjamin is combining his lifelong passion for magic and math in ways we’ve never seen before. He has presented his innovative ideas around the world, garnering multiple TV appearances and news articles along the way. His performance and lecture at The Session 2023 will change everything you think you know about combining math and magic. Attendees will learn how to do amazing feats like rapid mental calculations, calendar calculations, and magic squares.

The Session is right around the corner. But, to help pass the time until January, make sure you listen to Arthur Benjamin’s recent appearance on our The Insider podcast. While you listen, you can also play the fun game of two truths and a lie below.

Think you know the lie? Let us know in the comments.

Two Truths & a Lie: Arthur Benjamin

  1. Arthur has written lyrics to 3 original musicals, one of which has appeared on Broadway.

  2. Arthur has given 3 TED talks, which have been collectively viewed over 50 million times.

  3. Arthur has won 3 national backgammon tournaments and was elected to the American Backgammon Hall of Fame.


It was #1. Although that might just mean there is still room in this world for a math-based musical that’s waiting to be written.

Did you guess the lie? Comment below if you did or not.

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