Use Your Time Wisely

By Ellis James - Wednesday, July 15, 2020

If you find yourself sitting at home, you may start to wonder what to do. Here are our ideas for some things you can do to take advantage of the time at home.

Take advantage of some free magic content. Check out our magic school and ShareMagic: Live. There are hours of content for you to go through and learn from right there. For free. Here's some other ideas:

Practice: Go through your routines and practice them move by move. Record them at all angles and watch for any flashing or awkward beats that you can hammer down. Use this time to polish those routines and make them bulletproof for when gigs pick up again.

Learn some new moves: Break open an old book and go digging for something fun to play with. When was the last time you learned a new control? How are your second deals? If you do push-offs, learn strikes, or vise versa. Work on your bottom deal, your Zarrow shuffle, or any other knuckle-busting move you’ve wanted to learn but never got around to.

Find a hidden gem: Go back through your library and find a book you haven’t gone through in a long time. Maybe you’ll find your first magic book. Re-read it with fresh eyes, and see what stuff you missed. I promise you’ll find something new that you missed the last time around. Pro Tip: go through your notebooks. A lot of us have dozens of magic notebooks filled with wacky or weird ideas. Now is the time to dig through and play with those ideas.

For those of you thinking, “Well I already know every trick in every book in my library” I have two thoughts for you. You either need a bigger library, or you’re wrong. Even Josh and Andi don’t know everything in their library. Go back through Card College, Royal Road, Erdnase, Revolutionary Card Technique, The Collected Almanac, or even The Magic Rainbow. Or, if you really want to, you can order a new book from us.

Host Virtual Magic Jams: Use Skype, Zoom, or Google Hangouts and have a jam with your friends. Work on one move, a whole routine, or just catch up.

Whatever you end up doing with your time, just use it wisely.

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Raven Odin

Wednesday, 22 July 2020 07:22 AM - Reply to this comment

I need more magician friends. Was part of Aaron fishers thing but covid19 took my money away. And since I moved to a new state I have yet to have a social scene.

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