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Magic Encarta Presents BLOW Magic download (video)
Magic Encarta Presents BLOW
Magic download (video) by Vivek Dinesh Singhi - $4.95

It's time to take your Haunted Deck for a literal spin with BLOW! A card is freely selected, signed, and returned to the pack. Yet when the magician blows on the deck, the top portion starts to spin, cutting at the signed card! In over 30 minutes of instruction, you learn all the tips and...

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The Newsletter Tricks Book
The Newsletter Tricks
Book by Mathieu Bich - $85.00

This Collector's Edtion is signed and numbered (out of 200) by Mathiew Bich and includes prepared gimmicks for all 10 tricks and the 5 bonus effects!The first ever DVD/book by Mathieu Bich! Get all 10 tricks of the project "Newsletter Tricks" in one volume, as well as 5 new and...

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Mind Blowing Book
Mind Blowing
Book by James Biss - $69.00

I heard about this book years ago because my favorite mentalist was RAVING about the contents, and said he found two items that went directly into his show. Could you ask for better praise than one pro recommending the work of another?  This book, along with Barrie...

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