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Stund trick Duffie Trick
Stund trick Duffie
Trick by Wild-Colombini Magic - $10.00

You shuffle a deck, place it on the table and invite a spectator to cut it. You bring out a packet of four cards and proceed to tell a story about going to a magic shop and wanting to buy a trick. A joker is turned over, then sent to the bottom. It rises to the top. You continue to place the Joker...

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Magic Book of Harry Lorayne Book
Magic Book of Harry Lorayne
Book by Harry Lorayne - $35.00

The complete beginner's guide to anytime, anywhere sleight-of-hand magic. The man who made The Memory Book a #1 national bestseller reveals the secrets of his favorite hobby - Magic! With characteristic wit and directness, Harry Lorayne explains the secrets of a few simple techniques that will...

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Magic Rope Bottle Holder Trick
Magic Rope Bottle Holder
Trick by YUM Magic - $15.95

This display is sure to turn houseguest heads! The Magic Rope Bottle Holder suspends a 750 mL bottle of wine upside down with just a rope! Will last for years and get interested looks and questions all that time. Buy yours today!

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