Dave's Magical Mysteries Revealed

Magic download (video) by David Williamson
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Dave's Magical Mysteries Revealed

18.00 usd

Magic download (video) by David Williamson ($18.00)

David Williamson is The Master. The Funniest. The Most Clever. The Most Skillful. Too bad he very, very rarely releases material.

This is very, very exciting and, at Vanishing Inc. we are proud to have the EXCLUSIVE: a new David Williamson download on all his rarest material!

When Williamson's Wonders came out in 1990, it was filled with amazing magic. Many of the tricks we all do and enjoy as modern classics. But what about the rest? Our guess is you have never seen most of the magic in this collection: Interlaced Swindle, Brain Scan, Wishing Well, Rising Card, The Hypnotist and He Who Spelt It, Dealt It.

Over 45 minutes of unseen Williamson antics, material, and instruction, one on one to the camera, available only through Vanishing Inc.

This gets our highest recommendation.

Running time: 47 minutes


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Customer reviews for Dave's Magical Mysteries Revealed



The best magic download on Vanishing Inc? For sure!

The best magic download on the internet? I think so too!

Definitely get this!



This is one of the original, rare DVD only available when David Williamson on his lecture tour.

For years the content of this DVD is so underground that its customer not reveal its existence.

Now it is available to you.

What are you waiting for? Get it now, watch it now, practice them now!



I LOVE David Williamson and LOVE that this is now a download. It was impossible to track down because it isn't sold in stores, so I'm glad to finally have it here. Way to go Josh and Andi!



Whoa! A lot of material, so much I fell asleep watching several times. It's ALL good. Can't go wrong with DW, especially if you want real world workers.



This is so packed full of great material it's not even funny (but it's David Williamson, so it is actually hilarious). Each effect is a gem and well worth the download.



Great tricks, a great video, easy to follow, one trick has a bit of a knack, but worth learning, other wise they are easy to do, some great humor thrown in too,
Very enjoyable to watch, and great tricks to learn.







Really terrific magic. Hypnotist is worth the price of the whole download; however, the other effects are really great too. Glad I bought this.


David H.

I have always enjoyed Williamson's work, especially the nuances and clean handling. While I have a copy of Williamson's Wonders, I enjoyed learning the subtleties added to his Spelt It routine. This video is nicely produced and more than worth the modest cost.

Dave's Magical Mysteries Revealed by David Williamson