Easy Aces

Magic download (video) by Paul Wilson
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Easy Aces

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Magic download (video) by Paul Wilson ($7.00)

From a shuffled deck, four random selections turnout to be the four aces of which vanish and reappear in this nearly self working routine devised by Paul Wilson.


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    Wyatt asks: why did you download "ALIAS ACES" i ordered "EASY ACES " p. wilson

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Customer reviews for Easy Aces


I like this. It's easy, and amusing to fool people with. I only got it yesterday, and have it nearly mastered. Very clever method, from an amazing magician. The teaching is perfect, clear as day.



First of all, this trick is really easy to do, and it's effect is meant to fools magicians. Of course, on the lay people this would work. But you will see how amazingly magicians fall for this. The trick is not impromptu, but the set up takes only few seconds. The trick can be divided into 2 parts, which could also be done separately if you wish.

The first part is Ease Aces #1, this is 4 aces production. And I must say that this is the best 4 aces production ever! (Excluding those flourishes production, I'm considering only a magical way of production). It's very easy to do.

The second part is also easy, require a little misdirection which the pattern of the trick already provided that for you. There is only one move to be done, then you can focus on your performance. And of course, the trick ends clean. Nothing to be suspicious at.



This trick just goes to show that impressive magic can be done with the simplest of methods. The explanation is clear and as a result you will be performing this trick very quickly with a little practice, hats off to Paul Wilson.



You're really getting a twofer here; as you can see in the video, it's two effects, and you could easily split them up if desired.

The four ace production requires slight setup and a little practice to get the move down. It's nice, but I have to admit I have other productions I prefer.

The second part truly can be done "self working" in that the one move requires no dexterity, but you'd better have your psychology and misdirection down (it will not work if someone is burning your hands). The second part includes some nice "fake outs" for other magicians where it seems like you are concealing the aces with moves like an Elmsley count but then you reveal the vanish cleanly; this is a cute addition.but is not necessary if you don't have the chops. I really like this and can see myself using it even after a different production; it requires no setup.

Easy Aces by Paul Wilson