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Magic download (video) by Andi Gladwin ($5.00 - normally $10.00)

We are pleased today to present three top-shelf routines by our own Andi Gladwin. You know Andi as a cofounder of Vanishing Inc. Magic and his acclaimed Master Pushoff and Multiple Revelation Project. But he rarely publishes new routines, so this is a rare event. In this download, which runs nearly 30 minutes, Mr. Gladwin shares three stunning gambling routines. 

These routines outline how to cheat at cards, but all three contain elements of “superhuman” skill that border on the impossible. Two of the three routines will require a decent amount of practice (as they require you to use some false dealing, such as Andi's Master Pushoff, which is explained in brief), but they will definitely set you apart as a master of the pasteboards. You’re about to see Andi Gladwin in a new light: as a technical wizard and an innovator of gambling magic plots. You'll learn:

From the Center: A version of Steve Mayhew's Poker Deal where you apparently center deal face-up cards from the middle of the deck. Watch closely and you'll swear that the cards really do come from the middle.

Misdeal: A brand new gambling plot that Andi has used to fool dozens of card experts. There are rarely “new” innovations in gambling routines, but this certainly qualifies.

Memorized Center Deal: You deal the four Aces from a deck that the participant just shuffled a moment before ... and it's nowhere near as difficult as it looks. A new concept that can be applied to many other routines.

These routines have never been published before, and are only available here.

I was standing right there next to Andi as he performed these three effects and I was genuinely fooled, even from inches away! John Archer
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Customer reviews for Gamble



Fantastic download. Three killer effects by a true pro card handler. Great work Andi and team!



This is beautiful gambling work. If you like the work of Ben Earl, you'll really enjoy these 3 tricks!



Really pleased with this download! Andi is super upbeat and a great teacher of his top-notch material.



If you're a fan of gambling material, you'll really enjoy this! 3 solid tricks, great value!



All-around great download with quality gambling material from Andi Gladwin.



Great routines! Solid stuff. I don't have the skill set yet for that first one, but I'll be working on it. The other two are huge returns for small prices paid. NOT overly long either…which is great. Hard to find good gambling routines for strolling, informal work. Great value…keep up the high standards guys, you're tops in my book. Gotta run…much dealing to do…



I just finished watching Gamble, and I have to admit, I was more fooled than I thought.
While watching an effect, one ends to make certain assumptions, based on their experiences and biases . I am watching your explanation, and while not easy, Gamble is not a difficult as I first assumed. There are no bottom deals, for example. No memorized deck required for naming the face up cards before they are dealt, etc. I like the way you think!

Gamble is VERY smart, very cool, and certainly worthy of study.



A really strong collection of gambling tricks. Be warned: these aren't easy routines. It's only after you know the methods that you realize just how clever they are, and also how good at sleight-of-hand Andi is. I am very impressed and will definitely be ordering Andi's DVDs.



All the effects that Andi teaches in this download are great! My favorite is Memorized Center Deal, wow, what a great routine! This is going directly into my professional repertoire. Thanks Andi for sharing great magic! If you want to perform gambling demonstrations this is for you, not that difficult to perform, powerful routines and just for 10 bucks.

Gamble by Andi Gladwin