Magic download (video) by Alex Hansford
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Magic download (video) by Alex Hansford ($12.00)

Magicians have strived for decades to find a color change that’s executed completely open and immune to every angle. Today, that pipe-dream becomes reality.

Gödel is an innovative face-up color change from the mind of Alexander Hansford. With a wave of the hands, cards transform under direct scrutiny. Not only will you receive two additional routines with your purchase, Twisting and Sandwich, you’ll find Gödel to be an incredible utility for the effects you already perform.

Although difficult to master, Gödel is taught in 45 minutes of intricate detail. Gödel is without a doubt the next addition to the arsenal of the modern magician.


Twisting is an insanely visual update to the classic effect, Twisting the Aces. Four Kings are displayed and with a slight shake, each begin to turn over in three distinct climaxes. After the second reversal, Gödel is employed to complete the routine in the most striking way possible. As an added kicker, the once face up Kings are then changed into the four Aces.


After having two cards selected and lost in the pack, two black Jacks are waved above the deck only to have one of the selections appear between them. Both sides are shown throughout the effect, destroying any guess your spectator might have towards the method. With one final and extremely open wave, the selection between the Jacks changes to the other for an astonishing finish.


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    Robert asks: I'd really like to learn the tabled cut top control at 13:30 - anyone know?

    • 1. Tony answers: Did you mention the 13:30 in the instruction video? I think it's easy and you can slow down the video to learn
    • 2. Robert answers: I didn't see a way to slow the video down - will take another look, thanks.
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Customer reviews for Gödel


I bought G?del 3 days ago , and I have to say this is a really excellent download.

Alex goes over every single detail for every move and explains them in a very good way. The sleights included to achieve the change and the 2 routines included in this download are not easy!! You have to practice very hard to make them smooth, but its worth it and fun to practice!

Alex is a genius in making card magic that looks like this, and I definitely want to see more from him.



This was one of my best buys on D&D. The trick wasn't expensive, although it was a high quality trick. It had the most detailed explanation (over 45 min) and Alex couldn't have been any clearer. I have been practicing for two days and nearly have it down. Overall, love the trick, love the price, a bit knacky but with a little practice easily doable.



Quite difficult to master, but fun to play aroud with. Get it now! Alex explains everything in detail. The colour change is a big shocker for anyone you perform it to.



Like the description says, an innovative face-up color change! Who doesn't like face-up color changes? The handling could get a little bit tricky, but Alex makes a great and solid explanation that leaves you with no doubt. Definitely something that I'll be using quite a lot. Looking forward to more Alex Hansford videos!



The move is extremely well taught and it's an incredible color change. The fact that the change is view-able from ALL angles is awesome. The move is incredible and it's also very versatile!



This is a really good trick, Alex explains it very well the two effects and all the sleights. It's a little dificult for people that are right handed because Alex is left handed, but except that is the best card changes and one of the best D&D card tricks. At this price and with Alex explainig don't miss this one.



Hard to master but it looks great and goes amazingly with Fontaine by Zach Mueller. Great job!



I love this color change! It can be implemented into so many tricks! The only downside to this is that it is a little too dependent on card condition, but aside from that I love this and am determined to master it!

Gödel by Alex Hansford