Ghost Peek

Magic download (video) by James Swain
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Ghost Peek

12.00 usd

Magic download (video) by James Swain (12.00)

"The best thing I’ve ever come up with." —Jim Swain

"The Ghost Peek is...guaranteed to amaze and confound." —Steve Forte

That is high, high praise for the Ghost Peek, our newest download. So what is the Ghost Peek? Without revealing too much, we can tell you this: it’s an important improvement on a classic gambler’s peek that allows you to sight a card anywhere in the deck without turning any of the cards over. Most peeks occur by tilting the faces of the cards toward yourself, either under cover of a gesture or an action. In the Ghost Peek, the cards remain face down, away from your face, throughout.

This peek is not a pipe dream, nor is it an experimental idea. It’s a practical, audience-tested utility you will learn within an hour and use for the rest of your life.

It's difficult to demo a move like this, because it's invisible! There is NOTHING to see, and that’s what is so beautiful about the Ghost Peek. This peek has similarities to a technique by Gazzo and is explained with his blessing.

"The Ghost Peek blew me away. It's really deceptive and will get by anyone." —Bill Malone

In mentalism circles I'm regarded as a peek-meister. So naturally, the Ghost Peek drew my attention. What I saw, or rather didn't see, was akin to me not seeing the ghost. In Mr. Swain's capable hands, the Peek becomes the Ghost. Literally, from within the pack, the Ghost invisibly appears to inaudibly reveal the card to you and you alone! Advanced card workers with soft, smooth hands will enjoy this subtle technique and its multiple applications. James Swain is an elegant, graceful, but powerful Swan of the Pasteboards! —Richard Busch

Running time: 27 minutes, 13 seconds.


Customer reviews for Ghost Peek





This is an easy to do very effective way to glimpse a chosen card. I like the fact that there is very little movement of the hands and unlike some peeks the timing, while important, is easy to learn without giving away the sighting. I've had trouble with other peeks where things have to move very fast and the peek perfectly timed. This is more casual which makes it easier to learn. Jim teaches it very thoroughly.



This appears to be a variation on an old gambler's peek. Jim has made improvements where it can be done on cards located in other parts of the deck. The price of the download is a little high, but still worth the investment to the professional.



Very good video production, nearly half hour video play time, lots of demos with very good tutorials, with obviouse but very usefull tips, with a special guest, good camera angles, this is so worth knowing, the method, this is very easy to do, this peek is so usefull in so many ways.



Very clever sleight, I love gimmickless effects that rely on smart thinking, to me that is the essence of magic.

For difficulty I wouldn't say this is too hard at all, it's pretty much angle proof & really hasn't been falsely advertised like I've some product trailers are (not on this site), to quote the phrase what you see is what you get!

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I love this move!! It is one of those sleights that seems like it could be noticed from 50 feet away when I perform it, but NOBODY SEES ANYTHING! It's a very awesome utility move, & with some careful thought could totally be applied in several other ways. Thanks for another terrific addition to the arsenal!!

VI Monthly


The Ghost Peek is awesome. It will take a little work, but you will be able to do a peek completely surrounded. Imagine the possibilities... Don't pass this one up!



Jim's 'Ghost Move' is an invaluable method of glimpsing a card from practically anywhere in the deck. It is actually my now favorite method and will probably be using it from now on when a glimpse is needed. It's fast, effortless, and very subtle and will fly past the spectators' watchful eyes unnoticed. Though practice is needed (I say this as all magic moves should be practiced until a thoughtless habit forms), it is a very easy method to do. I very highly recommend Jim Swain's 'Ghost Count' and when comparing it's value to it's cost, it's a steal.

My only criticism to the video is, to me, the way overused piano accompaniment to the section titles. This video has many of them and after the umpteenth time my teeth would grind every time the music played. I'm not a fan of the dramatic overfluff many magic videos present of the magician and his creation. In this case it's just the music. Jim's a laid back and calm magician and easy to watch and learn from. Thanks for not spending the first 2 minutes showing him from different angles while he looks at the camera with an "I'm so awesome!" smirk on his face.

Spend the money and burn many brains with Jim's 'Ghost Peek'.



What an amazing move to be able to do; Jim outdid himself.. Amazing.

The only criticism I would have for the move itself would be that the card gets somewhat warped by doing this peek.

Otherwise this is an amazing peek. But it right now!



I actually liked the hustler's move better that he said this is based on. Personally, I felt that the ghost move isn't as ghostly as I had hoped. I felt like even before he explained the method but demonstrated the spectator's view, I felt like I could tell he was peeking so I didn't fee like it was very covert. Having said that, I will totally use the hustler move for peeking the bottom card without even raising the deck or moving the deck at all so this was still valuable for the money!


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  • Mark asks: Does the Ghost Peek work for lefties???....I hold deck in my right hand

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: This is better for the deck in your left hand.
  • Rod asks: As stated above this is like the Gazzo technique and explained with his blessing , I perform the one learnt from Gazzo , is there much more here to learn if I already execute gazzo’s move well ? Thanks.

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