Magic by James Swain

Jim Swain is not only a fantastic sleight of hand artist, but also an internationally recognized author. But when it comes to card magic, Jim Swain is hard to top. He studied with Jennings, Skinner, and other greats, and then took those lessons and infused them into his own card magic. If you like gambling material, you will adore Jim Swain.
Ghost Peek Magic download (video)
Vanishing Inc. exclusive Ghost Peek
Magic download (video) by James Swain - $10.00

"The best thing I’ve ever come up with." —Jim Swain "The Ghost Peek is...guaranteed to amaze and confound." —Steve Forte That is high, high praise for the Ghost Peek, our newest download. So what is the Ghost Peek? Without revealing too much, we can tell you this: it’s an...

Miracles With Cards Book
Miracles With Cards
Book by James Swain - $49.95

This is Swain's second (and, we think, BEST) book. It is full of the kind of practical yet sophisticated card magic you'll use and ENJOY using. Swain's routines are longer, multi-phased, and have a strong commercial appeal. Think Ortiz meets Bannon meets Regal. We're both huge...

21st Century Card Magic Book
21st Century Card Magic
Book by James Swain - $49.95 NOW $37.96 (SAVE $11.99)

This, James Swain's last book for magicians, has some phenomenal magic inside. Work by Bill Malone (a great and easy pass), as well as loads of beautiful gambling-themed routines. This is an excellent volume with all sorts of strange routines unlike anything you've read before. if you enjoy the...

Miracles: The Magic of James Swain Volumes 1 - 4 DVD or download
Miracles: The Magic of James Swain Volumes 1 - 4
DVD or download by James Swain - $22.76 - normally $29.95 each

The material contained in these four DVDs has entertained laymen and fooled magicians for nearly 40 years. These are not simply tricks, but time-tested miracles that will leave a lasting impression on your audiences for years to come. Many of the rotuines have been performed on television...

Capitulating Queens Trick
Capitulating Queens
Trick by James Swain - $15.00 NOW $11.40 (SAVE $3.60)

"I have carried this routine in my wallet for the past ten years, and think it is one of the most entertaining and utterly mystifying routines that can be performed with a small packet of cards. I have performed it for groups of one, and groups of fifty, always with equally satisfying results. This...

Grift Sense book Jim Swain Book
Grift Sense book Jim Swain
Book by James Swain - $23.95 NOW $18.20 (SAVE $5.75)

Meet Tony Valentine--ex-cop, lifelong misanthrope, sixtysomething freelance grifter-hunter. There isn't a casino pit boss alive in the U.S.A. who hasn't employed his special skills of flushing out greedy hustlers one time or another.Only this time, things are different. This time, what at first...