Miracles With Cards

Book by James Swain
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Miracles With Cards

49.95 usd

Book by James Swain (49.95)

In stock.

This is Swain's second (and, we think, BEST) book. It is full of the kind of practical yet sophisticated card magic you'll use and ENJOY using. Swain's routines are longer, multi-phased, and have a strong commercial appeal. Think Ortiz meets Bannon meets Regal. We're both huge fans of Jim Swain, and this is the book that fetches the most on ebay, because it's rarest and most sought after.

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James Swain's book - Miracle with Cards - has stunningly effective simple card routines. Improve your sleight-of-hand card skills immediately and with ease. Thorough instructions with photo illustrated explanations to learn. 

From Introduction by Darwin Ortiz: 

"What I like about this book is that it lives up to its title. These are card tricks that go for the jugular, tricks that push the boundaries of what's possible with a deck of cards. In so doing, they ensure that the audience will remember the magic and the magician." 

Book Contents 

  • Introduction by Darwin Ortiz 
  • The Airmail Card: Goodwin's Two Ton Transpo 
  • Clue: Brother Hamman's Verbal Force 
  • Out of this World 
  • Superbowl Aces: The Stencel Move 
  • Card in the Matchbox 
  • Card in the Cardbox: Invisible Shulien Revelation 
  • Boxed B'Wave 
  • The World's Greatest Card Trick 
  • Perfect Triumph: Marlo's Miracle Spread 
  • Swain Simplicity Control 
  • Swain Simplicity Switch 
  • Gambler's Miracle: Jenning's Modification of Daryl's Display
  • Up-The-Ladder Aces 
  • The Blank Deck 
  • Australian Aces Revisited: Marlo's Frictionless Bottom DealThe Impossible Card Trick 
  • Real Mind Reading 
  • The Spectator Cuts to the Aces (2 Versions) 
  • Boxed Reset 
  • Brainweave: Frank Simon's Fan Revelation 
  • Fortune Telling Cards: Dingle's NOLAP Switch; Interlock/Vernon/Jennings/Lyons 
  • Hitchcock Aces 
  • Miracle Aces: Swain Bluff Control 
  • Bluff Control Palm 
  • Bluff Control Routine 
  • Topping the Mental Topper: The Unweave Revelation 
  • My Opener 
  • Gorilla In the Middle: Invisible Load Move 
  • Trapped 
  • The Pass 
  • The Jennings Box (2 Versions) 
  • The Jennings Handling 
  • The Well Traveled Card: Gary Plants Move 
  • The Stand In 
  • The "Block" Buster Pass 
  • Bottom Card Cover Pass 
  • The Pass Palm 
  • Anastasia 
  • The Lost Multiple Shift 
  • Honest Aces: Swain Drop Switch 
  • Honest Collectors 
  • Annemann's Miracle 
  • Something for Nothing 
  • Rules of the Game: Cornelius Spring Set; Bill Malone's Revelation; Steve Freeman Four Card Revelation; Bruce Cervon's Pivot Principle 
  • Finale for the Capitulating Queens: Jon Racherbaumer's Handing of Norm Osbourne's Unlimited Vanish 
  • Final Departure 


Pages: 190 - Hardbound, Photo-Illustrated


Customer reviews for Miracles With Cards



I love this type of magic book. Some interesting effects and plots. New ideas and moves I have not seen in other card books. It's well written. The photos are ok and does the trick. This is an older type of publication style compared to some of the modern styles but that said I loved reading and exploring this book. I can highly recommend it. There are some difficult stuff in here but also others that are fairly easy. A great book!



Three quotes from the book that will make you buy it.

“You should be the very best close up performer you can because, chances are, you will be one of the very few your audiences will ever see”

“Becoming proficient in sleight of hand does not have a price tag except for years of hard labor”

“Musicians cannot steal each other’s songs (it’s illegal), and writers cannot steal each other’s stories or characters. If magicians want to be considered artists, then they must abide by these rules as well. If they don’t, the art suffers, and relegates those who perform it to a second class status”

This is not a theory book, but those lines are very strong and real. The magic is very good, there is an essay on the Classic Pass that worth reading it.


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