Invisibly Triumphant

Magic download (video) by Kyle Littleton
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Invisibly Triumphant

12.00 usd

Magic download (video) by Kyle Littleton ($12.00)

Our own Kyle Littleton is an exceptional sleight-of-hand talent. He debuted with 400 Lux, the best Ones to Hundreds change we've ever seen, and now he's back with his signature card effect, "Invisibly Triumphant." This is a THOUGHT-OF-CARD Triumph that is entirely in the hands. At Vanishing Inc. Magic, we watch everything with an eye toward one simple thought: "If you could really do magic, what would it look like?" And for this effect, it would look JUST LIKE THIS. 

  • No angle issues
  • Three key moves taught that can be used in many other routines
  • Entirely in the hands

You hand the spectator a deck of cards and ask him to shuffle the cards face up into face down. Then you spread through, asking him to think of any card he sees. He names the card. You wave your hand. All the cards are face down except for the thought-of card.

There have been thought-of card triumphs before, but never has the handling been so soft, so clear, and so natural. Best of all, the handling is actually within the realm of even basic card handlers.

Running Time: 20 mins approx. Recorded January 2015.


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  • Raphael asks: Does this trick take a gimmicked deck?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Nope! This is done with a normal deck.
  • Ofir asks: what is the difficulty of this trick?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Intermediate
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Customer reviews for Invisibly Triumphant



Before this, I'd only seen videos of Kyle online but I gave this a chance anyway. I am VERY impressed. Clean, well though-out and manageable handling for an effect that packs a great punch. I will definitely be using this.



Close and clear balance come my mind a good 21st century effect that you can that with you the classic has a new look that no magician or James bond has seen before ,allowed your self to be a star and stand out from the rest you can with this!



This is a good effect, powerful and direct. I loved the separation of the face down and face up cards. Kyle thought a lot to create this effect and its worth the money (and time) you spend on it.





This is an incredible trick. It is so clean, and it seems completely impossible. Kyle is a very good teacher. The best part is that this is nearly impromptu. Thanks for this epic trick!



Every download I've ever watched at Vanishing Inc are both entertaining and informative.



Excellent trick. Well presented and taught, but does require a special card that would probably not be in a borrowed deck.



This is a very nice take combining an in-the-hands triumph with the finding of a thought of card. The thinking here is really quite creative and the procedure is solid.

It does require some sleight of hand and a very common (and subtle) card gaff (that you probably already have, especially if you buy cards marketed to magicians).

The effect is elegantly structured such that there is natural motivation for each part of the trick. The procedure is well taught, but it would be of benefit to have foreknowledge of basic sleight of hand and the individual moves are taught quickly. That said, this is well within the reach of the advanced beginner/intermediate.

Knowing a number of triumphs, I had to buy this one because it fooled me. I have to practice a bit more before I try it in the real world. Excellent work. Excellent thinking. Recommended.



I have always loved the triumph effect and how magical it can be for a mixed-up pack to magically restore itself leaving one card face up among a face-down pack. Invisibly Triumphant has taken it a step further with a thought of card reversing. Plus, this is a great walkaround effect since there is no table needed. Kyle does a great job of explaining, very clearly, how to execute this effect. Job well done and thank you for the contribution. This will be well used in my arsenal.



This a very cool effect. I look forward to sitting down and going through it properly. The sleights are very interesting and I can see some very nice applications. Overall I enjoyed the effect and the explanation is easy to follow.



Tell you the truth, I hesitated before using my Magic Points on this effect, but I am really glad I did at the end. Kyle's handling is deceptively simple and, to my great relief, it does not require for the performer to cull every single reversed card as he/she runs through the deck to show it all mixed up face down/face up. I obviously cannot divulge the method that is actually used, but I can tell you that it is a much simpler one (unless, unlike me, you're an absolute knuckle buster that calls culling half the deck 'simple'). The addition of having the card thought of rather than selected and lost in the deck not only makes the effect stronger but it also makes it shorter and to the point. In short, it is the perfect in the hands Triumph.





Great trick, but for me, it will require diligent practice to preform. It’s well worth the effort for such a fine effect.





This is a great trick and I can't wait to start using it. Invisibly Triumphant is the ultimate thought of card triumph.
The deck is fully shuffled by the spectator and they shuffle the cards face up into face down. I would say it is a intermediate card trick but with some practice anyone can do it. Great product.









This is a pretty good trick. It looks good, and it's fairly presented. There are a few sleights, and while not difficult, they're not simple either. There's also a simple gimmick, so you're not completely clean, though it's not hard to get rid of it.

Invisibly Triumphant by Kyle Littleton