John Guastaferro's Box Set

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John Guastaferro's Box Set

10.00 usd

Magic download (video) by John Guastaferro ($10.00)

John Guastaferro is one of our favorite magicians: his magic is creative, smooth, and compelling, and we’re thrilled to release two BRAND-NEW, UNPUBLISHED John Guastaferro routines: Boxed Reset and Ace Case.

The two routines work harmoniously together, or they can be performed individually. Each routine is sequenced to maximize impact, yet these routines can be performed virtually surrounded and in any conditions. In particular, “Ace Case” is one of the finest card-to-box themed routines we have ever seen. We believe that you will add both pieces to your repertoire.

Running time: 24 minutes, 30 seconds

Jonn Guastaferro magic

As part of our Community Captions project, the explanation video for this download has optional English subtitles.


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Customer reviews for John Guastaferro's Box Set



I have been a big John Guastaferro fan since One Degree. Box Set is fantastic. I can imagine myself performing both of the effects as part of one long sequence.

It is rare that I get so much out of a $10 download, but once again John Guastaferro and Vanishing Inc. have delivered the goods. There's a reason why I only buy downloads from you guys! Great quality, as always!



I got into John's Magic from seeing an effect from One Degree. As with all of John's magic you can see the passion he has for magic. Today in the industry a lot of effects are pushed out "half done" for a quick pay off. This download does not follow that trend. All the effects flow well and like all of John's magic they have been developed to professional level. I highly recommend this download to anyone who does close up magic. The magic is interactive and very entertaining, as well the price is a reason you should pick this up.

Bold, Creative, Interactive Magic.



An excellent DVD. I have to work on setting down my doubles without flashing. But otherwise I'm really pleased with it.



I'm the biggest John G fan. For me, he's the new Bannon. EVERYTHING he puts out is fantastic, and I love this. I'll be using the second routine he teaches in all my shows from this moment on.



John are the best. These two routines are great and NOT found anywhere else in his stuff. If you collect his magic you need this.



This is an absolutely killer download from the always-brilliant John Guastaferro. Not to be missed --- period.



Two tricks for ten bucks; both are workers. First up is a handling of Paul Harris’ Reset. I’ve spent years working on the plot, and this version is among the most elegant I’ve seen. I’ll admit that I’m a bit married to my own handling for this venerable plot, but John’s solution certainly is a crowd pleaser. The routine is within the reach of the average card man. His clever use of the card box isolates the two packets and makes the clean up look ultra… well… clean.
The second routine, Ace Case, also makes use of the card box. The four Aces are lost in the deck. One by one they are located with the box playing an active role in each revelation. Cards penetrate the box, appear mysteriously on top of it, and travel magically inside. There is no setup, and again the handling isn’t difficult. I can see a lot guys using this.
You are treated to studio performances of both effects plus full explanations. The entire download runs about 25 minutes. As usual, John’s teaching is excellent. For ten bucks, you can’t go wrong. Highly recommended.



This is another great Vanishing Inc download, it only contains two effects but both are great, Boxed Reset is a very practical version of the classic Reset, I did it a few times and it gets great reactions. Ace Case is really really good, this is going directly into my professional repertoire. Every move has a reason and John makes a good job explaining each detail. You cannot go wrong with Box Set.

John Guastaferro's Box Set by John Guastaferro