M.I.N.T - Volume 1

By Ed Marlo and L&L Publishing
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M.I.N.T - Volume 1

49.95 usd

Book or download by Ed Marlo and L&L Publishing (Book $49.95 or download for $39.95)

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M.I.N.T - Volume 1 - magic
M.I.N.T - Volume 1 M.I.N.T - Volume 1 M.I.N.T - Volume 1 M.I.N.T - Volume 1 M.I.N.T - Volume 1 M.I.N.T - Volume 1 M.I.N.T - Volume 1

MINT #1 by Edward Marlo was the first in a series recounting nearly a quarter century of outstanding contributions by the incomparable Ed Marlo to The New TOPS Magazine. Completely re-illustrated and organized; here is a must-read book filled with sleights and tricks that have since become legendary. Available in a traditional book or a new eBook format, you have a wealth of material at your fingertips complete with an easy-reference table of contents.

Featuring 53 iconic Marlo Masterpieces, MINT #1" is an invaluable resource that must be in the library of every serious magician. There are 365 pages and 350 line drawings by Sonny Narvaez highlighting what many believe to be Marlo's best work.

MINT #1 was compiled and edited By Mike Maxwell and brought to you by L&L publishing.

"M.I.N.T. Volume 2" is also available.

"A gold mine of some of the most important and useful work with cards ever published" Louis Falanga

"Serious students of card magic will heatrily welcome the M.I.N.T volumes." Jon Rauchenbaumer

"Ed Marlo was the most prolific creator in the history of card Magic. He had work on pretty much every effect and move with cards. In MINT #1 and MINT #2 you will be in for one hell of a treat as you discover the genius of the man. I can't recommend these volumes enough!" John Carney

"...even the most zealous critic would be hard-pressed to ignore the wealth of ideas, sleights, effects, methods, and plots that Marlo bestowed upon us all, and the sea-changes in cardicians' thinking that were caught in Marlo's wake." Jamy Ian Swiss

"Marlo's M.I.N.T collections 1 and 2 are jam packed with exactly the kind of material serious magicians whisper about - fiendishly clever, doable in the real world and so obscured by time and inaccessibility that they will still fool the pants off even knowledgable wizards. If you're looking for deepsecrets to power up your card magic, rest assured you can find them in these two books." Phill Smith


  • Publisher's Preface: Louis Falanga
  • Introduction: Jon Racherbaumer
  • Foreword: Edward Marlo


  • June: Clipped Thought
  • July: Cardician Makes Good
  • August: Remember And Forget
  • September The Incomplete Faro
  • October A Table Pass
  • November The Homing Card
  • December Gad - About Aces
  • Trick Annual: Original Homing Card Routine


  • January: Preview To A Chapter
  • February: Vanishing Aces And Face Up Switch & Effect
  • March: The Blue Thought
  • April: Atfus / Mental Reverse III
  • May (Bonus): Marlo's Coin Pass
  • May: Mindreading Queen
  • June: The Mental Sandwich
  • July: The Fufu Switch
  • August: A Flourish To Reverse
  • September: Marlo's Princess
  • October: After The Princess
  • November: Siamese Strangers
  • December: Incomplete Faro Control


  • January: Incomplete Faro/Multiple Peeks
  • February: Packet Switches
  • March: A Problem Posed
  • April: Card And Coins
  • May: Glide Variation
  • June: Table Reverse And Effect
  • August: Impromptu Coin And Cards
  • September: As An Opener
  • October: A Multiple Effect
  • November The Olram Subtlety
  • December: Marlo's Aces


  • January: New Palm Position
  • February: The M.P. Side Steal
  • March: The Action Lift (The Turn Around)
  • April: The Mental Topper
  • May: In Spectator's Hands
  • June: The Prayer Cull
  • July: The Matching Miracle


  • January: Marlo Handles Mexican Joe
  • February: Ever Ready-Black Routine
  • March: The Opportune Miracle
  • May: Ultra Torn and Restored Card
  • June: One Hand Card Switches
  • July: New Tabled Palms
  • August: Simulated Pickup
  • September: The Promise
  • October: The Other Method
  • November: Pull Down Eliminator
  • December: The Cigar Bottom Deal


  • January: Drop Sleight Technique
  • February: Visual Change - Appearance - Vanish
  • March: The Illusionary Bottom Deal
  • April: P. D. Mental Stab

Customer reviews for M.I.N.T - Volume 1



Even though it is pleasing to finally handle the paper copy of this legendary book, it is the information contained between its covers that is so valuable. Without doubt, Ed Marlo was a genius, and in these pages you will find many of his classic ideas, described in great detail. However, it is perhaps more exciting to discover some of the lesser know tricks and techniques awaiting investigation. Highly recommended.



I love this PDF such great ideas of card magic related, highly recommend this either as a book of PDF??



A wealth of classic effects.
Filled with hand drawn illustrations and variations I missed considering.
Highly recommended!


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  • Luke asks: Hi, I was wondering would it be worth it to purchase these mint volumes if I own revolutionary card technique and cardially yours by Ed Marlo? Thanks

    • 1. Greg answers: I would say 100% yes. Marlo continued to refine that material overtime - the man didn't reprint stuff. He had too many new things he kept creating! These books are a testament to a mind that could not quit advancing card magic.
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  • José Marques asks: Are these new copies cloth-bound with dust jacket? Thank you so much!

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Yes, they have a dust jacket and the book is cloth bound
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