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Ed Marlo Secret Lecture Magic download (video)
Vanishing Inc. exclusive Ed Marlo Secret Lecture
Magic download (video) by Ed Marlo - $10.00

There is an unbelievable story surrounding this rare and, until now, lost footage of Ed Marlo. Last year our friend Rick was left a VHS collection by a deceased friend. In it was a video marked "Ed Marlo" that he couldn't identify. After a digital conversion and some intense research, we were able...

Revolutionary Card Technique Book (pre-order)
Revolutionary Card Technique
Book (pre-order) by Ed Marlo - $69.95 $53.16 (SAVE $16.79)

Here it is-the legendary Ed Marlo's entire Revolutionary Card Technique series all together in one volume! With over 500 pages, more than 1000 illustrations and 14 chapters covering all aspects of advanced manipulation, this is the most complete single reference book on Ed Marlo's card magic...

Cardially Yours Volume 2 of the Marlo Trilogy Book
Cardially Yours Volume 2 of the Marlo Trilogy
Book by Ed Marlo - $59.95 $45.56 (SAVE $14.39)

Ed Marlo was the most influential card magician of all time. It's unlikely that his output in card magic will ever be paralleled. He contributed so much and shaped the way that we perform card magic today. Cardially Yours is a collection of Edward Marlo's influential early works on...

MINT Volume 2 Deluxe Edition - Signed by Marlo Book
MINT Volume 2 Deluxe Edition - Signed by Marlo
Book by Ed Marlo - $200.00

Vanishing Inc. has managed to acquire the remaining forty deluxe copies of the second volume of Edward Marlo's famous MINT book. The standard editions have been out of print for many years, and the deluxe edition was only available for a very short period. This edition is signed and numbered by...

Flashpoints Book
Book by Ed Marlo - $29.95 $22.76 (SAVE $7.19)

Full Tilt and The Compleat Devilish Miracle in One Book! Combining two influential works from the annals of card magic, Full Tilt is a comprehensive treatise on one of the most powerful subtleties in card magic. Introduced by Dai Vernon and finessed by Ed Marlo, it has dozens of uses and...

MINT Volume 2 Book
MINT Volume 2
Book by Ed Marlo - $40.00 $30.40 (SAVE $9.60)

The long-awaited second volume! The legendary cardician of this century, Edward Marlo, provided magicians with more card miracles and miraculous techniques than any teacher in this century. His mind-expanding contributions to The New Tops Magazine for over 20 years, has been collected in the...

Ed Marlo The Legend Volume 2 DVD
Ed Marlo The Legend Volume 2
DVD by Ed Marlo - $34.95

Taped at the same time as The Cardician but released eleven years later this broadcast quality DVD once again allows you to experience Edward Marlo in his prime. You will learn many of Marlo's favorite routines and techniques as only he could demonstrate them. It is full of card magic that Marlo...

Ed Marlo The Cardician Volume 1 DVD
Ed Marlo The Cardician Volume 1
DVD by Ed Marlo - $34.95

The Cardician This DVD begins with a short documentary hosted by Dan Korem about Edward Marlo and the famed Schulien's where Marlo used to hold court. The documentary features Charlie Schulien, David Solomon, Danny Korem, and Jack Pyle. This program was originally released in 1982 and was the first...

Arcade Dreams book Ed Marlo Book
Arcade Dreams book Ed Marlo
Book by Ed Marlo - $39.95 $30.36 (SAVE $9.59)

While Ed Marlo was famous for his ingenious creations with cards, he also devoted a great deal of creativity to magic with other objects including coins, bills, cups and balls, silks, mentalism, dice, linking pins, sponge balls, chop cup, and various small tricks usually sold to kids such as the...

Prime-Time Marlo DVD
Prime-Time Marlo
DVD by Ed Marlo - $29.95 $22.76 (SAVE $7.19)

This is a great opportunity to see the world's greatest card magician perform in his heyday. Recorded at his Chicago home in 1971, the footage isn't professional (and was never designed for release), but that's not important. What is important is that you get to see Marlo execute some of his most...