Molecule 4

Magic download (video) by Dan and Dave Buck
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Molecule 4

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Magic download (video) by Dan and Dave Buck ($5.00)

The fourth version to our Molecule flourish is our best yet! Learn the Molecule 4 plus three minor variations in this in-depth tutorial.

Molecule is just one of ten original flourishes explained on The Trilogy, a body of work that spans over ten years of study and practice of the art of cardistry.


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Another amazing flourish by Dan and Dave Buck. The Molecule 4 is a definite favorite of mine. It is short, simple, yet shows how much skill a cardist has. The astonishing blend of twist and turns leaves people in awe.



The best version in the Molecule series, it displays your ability and dexterity in one cut. Simply amazing.



This is a steal! You get 4 amazing flourishes for 5 bucks! And the flourishes really are great.

The first one, the false one, is the basic technique that is used in all of them. It looks fancy and very smooth, unlike the previous Molecules which looked sort of mechanical (in a good way, don't get me wrong). So this particular molecule is much more flowing, with round gestures: I love it!

The second, Molecule 4: Tokyo, adds an intro which is actually Molecule 1 (awesome, that's a fifth flourish), and cancels out the ending of the original M4.

The third, Molecule 4: New York, is my favorite. It starts off just like M4 Tokyo, but instead of canceling out the original ending, you do it and add at the end those two little flickering cards (basically it's what you see in the demo at 0:23). It's very elegent but requires quite some practice. Do not worry though, the end result is awesome!

Finally, you get M4: Hollywood, originally found on the andthensome Collection. It reinforces that roundness which is constructed in the M4 flourishes.There's a great sense of rythm in it and the general idea is very original.

I wouldn't qualify this as hard. I mean, compared to the Jackson 5, this is a piece of cake. It definitely demands practice, but so does any flourish, and this one is incorporated into your muscle memory pretty quickly. I RECOMMEND this FULLY to all fans of Dan and Dave's work! Even absolute beginners should buy this because you can get a pretty solid base in card handling from this flourish.



One of my favourite cuts from the trilogy. Its quite easy and its fun to do. Highly recommended.



This is one of my favourite flourishes of all time! It's pretty easy, fun to do and also very appealing to the eye. If you want to get a taste of the Trilogy, get this, you will not be disappointed!



The Molecule and its many incarnations have become staples in modern flourishing. Its beauty and fluidity make it not only fun to perform, but fun to watch as well. If you're into flourishing and you would like something new and to add to your repertoire, then I recommend you purchase this tutorial!

Molecule 4 by Dan and Dave Buck