Orbit Spread

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Orbit Spread

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Magic download (video) by Bill Perkins ($10.00)

Q. Is the Orbit Spread a wildly original flourish?
A. Yes, it's unlike any other flourish you have ever seen.

Q. Is the Orbit Spread also a magic trick?
A. Yes, a visual change of a tabled card.

Q. Does it require any gimmicks?
A. No, the Orbit Spread requires no gimmicks and can be performed with any deck.

Q. Where can I see the Orbit Spread?
A. ONLY at Vanishing Inc.

Bill Perkins is the latest member of the Vanishing Inc Magic team, and he debuts with a move that is part flourish, part magic, and all elegance. Imagine: you barely touch a tabled spread of cards, yet somehow they contort into a perfectly symmetrical fan. If you would read this effect, you would never believe it could be done. But in this 40 minute exclusive download, Mr. Perkins proves that with a minimal amount of practice and a light touch, it’s possible to see perfect results with the Orbit Spread in under ten minutes.

Running time: 43 minutes, 33 seconds.


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I have to say that I watched the demo video and immediately presumed "I'll never be able to do that", but it was an awesome looking flourish, so I decided to give it a go and purchase.

How wrong I was! The actual flourish is almost self working. And it looks so elegant.

Full credit to Bill Perkins for a very thorough description of the exact hand positioning and technique required. I have learnt that small deviations from the correct position affect the quality of the spread greatly, so his teaching is spot on.

I would recommend learning to do the Orbit Spread in the left hand, as it is a good way to display a packet of cards; for example the final stage of an oil and water routine. (The reason it looks better in the left hand is that the indices of the cards are seen).


Dr. Joaquin M.

I am not a card guy, but this is a neat little flourish.

When you first start doing it, you might think it is impossible, but it just takes practice. It is a little on the knacky side, but once you get it down, you are good to go.

If you are the type of performer that likes things that do not take up much table space (if any at all), this does not fit into that category. Even though with practice you can do this whilst using a smaller amount of table space, it still requires a good bit to execute.



The explanation was possibly too clear, I felt that could have been shortened but the move itself is a thing of beauty!



I wanted to leave "good" but the move itself is actually "excellent". The teaching, while thorough, just took soooo long! 11 minutes in, and all we've really done is figure out where to place three fingers. I do appreciate the important fine points mentioned (and I know teaching takes a "knack") but also I almost just closed it, which would have meant I would have probably not taken the time to come back to it. You might think I'm just impatient, but not, I'm old school and learned from some pretty tough books over the years! its a matter of redundancy and keeping my interest, as well as whether to purchase in the future... (hoping this might encourage a little more editing on Vanishing Inc's part...)



my apologies, I wanted to amend my review a bit but don't know how...

the double fans taught at the end, in my opinion are worth the price alone. I love this idea, it's so visual, double fans or single, what a great move!

Orbit Spread by Bill Perkins