Magic by Bill Perkins

Orbit Spread Magic download (video)
Vanishing Inc. exclusive Orbit Spread
Magic download (video) by Bill Perkins - $10.00

Q. Is the Orbit Spread a wildly original flourish? A. Yes, it's unlike any other flourish you have ever seen. Q. Is the Orbit Spread also a magic trick? A. Yes, a visual change of a tabled card. Q. Does it require any gimmicks? A. No, the Orbit Spread requires...

iFlight Trick
Vanishing Inc. exclusive iFlight
Trick by Bill Perkins - $25.00

A borrowed ring appears LINKED ONTO YOUR HEADPHONES that are wrapped around your your back pocket! Sleek, modern, powerful, and memorable.  iFlight is an update for the classic "Ring Flight" effect, in which you cause a borrowed ring to reappear somewhere unexpected. Rather...