Poker Player's Picnic

Magic download (video) by John Wilson
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Poker Player's Picnic

9.60 usd

Magic download (video) by John Wilson ($9.60)

Whether you're completely new to card magic, or you're a seasoned conjurer, this tutorial for Poker Player's Picnic is the perfect starting point for performing meaningful, powerful magic.

John Wilson sits down at the card table to share his beautiful, meaningful rendition of the Poker Player's Picnic from Royal Road to Card Magic. John not only covers his updated handling, he explains the background for the routine and covers other variations. John also takes you through his process of using playing cards to perform a "reading" for participants that will leave them feeling the effects of real magic. 

Many beginner card tricks are learned and forgotten as we advance to more difficult techniques and principles. But the classics are timeless, and though Poker Player's Picnic may have been one of the first tricks you ever learned, it is remarkably powerful and worthy of much appreciation.


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Customer reviews for Poker Player's Picnic



I didn't know such a basic trick could be so strong. Now when I do this trick people enjoy it way more because it's personal!



I learned this effect from Royal Road to Card Magic many years ago. I haven't performed it in over a decade, but John's presentation and additions have encouraged me to dig up this old treasure and give it another go. Excellent work.



This new way to present this classic is a most !
Involves the spectator in the trick and goes further than a small trick of cards.



I knew this trick, and liked it very much, but never really liked to do it, because I couldn't find any fitting patter. Until this point.







This Trick is a classic, almost automatic. And all the interest is fo your audience. John Wilson put you in a new way to involve your audience with a personal pupose, resulting a specific experience that gone last. Because after all my dear, the true purpose of a Magician is to creat for the audience an unforgetable and personal memorie of mystery, , Isn't it ? That what you will have with John Wilson's Pocker Player Picnic.



I am such a fan of John Wilson, and of Royal Road I thought this would surely be an amazing pairing. I was disappointed.

I really hoped for the price there would have been more on giving the actual reading.

Without any deeper reading skills, the whole process comes off as rather contrived and there is no real justification for pulling out the 4 cards at the beginning.

So what is this? A fortune telling? A Prediction?
Unfortunately, the only thing added is contrivance.

The history was a great addition, but still doesn't justify the price.

I feel that they asked John Wilson to put his personal twist on an easy to perform classic trick. Unfortunately, it falls shirt of the mark

Poker Player's Picnic by John Wilson