Pop Fly

Magic download (video) by Bizau Cristian
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Pop Fly

12.00 usd

Magic download (video) by Bizau Cristian ($6.00 - normally $12.00)

Bizau Cristian is a young magician from Romania with a spectacular new card sleight that causes a selection to fly out of the pack without any apparent throwing action. It’s called POP FLY, and this ridiculously cool-looking sleight is available right now!

Vanishing Inc. has collaborated with Blue Crown to bring you this EXCLUSIVE download for POP FLY. Watch the video and you’ll understand exactly what this versatile revelation does: cause any card (or two, or a double) to fly from the pack as you dribble the cards gently to the table. The mechanics are not hard to master, and it can be done with a borrowed, shuffled pack—no threads. POP FLY is the kind of sleight you can incorporate into your repertoire immediately.

Running time: 33 minutes, 13 seconds.


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Customer reviews for Pop Fly



Awesome Job Bizau. I bought the video as soon as I watched it but I was little skeptical. I thought the move would be very knacky but was shocked when I successfully made the card “Pop Fly” on my first try. I am really loving this and I cannot wait to start incorporating into my existing work.

Thank you for releasing.

Ryan Schlutz



I'm not sure what category 'Pop Fly' belongs in as it's a move but also a flourish and a method for revelation as well. It doesn't really matter and the category I'm putting it under is in the '$10 well spent' category. It's a cool thing to know and not difficult at all to do. Plus, the possibilities of uses for the move is countless. 'Pop Fly' is great and gets my highest recommendation.


Dr. Joaquin M.

I think the video was well made and the instruction was very clear. It covered a lot of nuances of the use of this utility, as I would categorize it. I say utility because it can be used as a sleight, it can be used as a flourish to pop any card out of the deck, and it can be used, of course, as a way to reveal a selected card or four. I was particularly entertained by the four card production sequence - that is something I would love to use in one of my card sets.

Now, my own results with this have not been great. I am not really much of a cardician, although I do perform some of the classic card effects now and then. The actual mechanics of this are not difficult at all, and is in fact very much within the reach of a beginner. I had to find a different way to make this work for me just because of the nature of my fingers, and I have not gotten it to the point of being able to do it consistently just yet. If I try to do it as described in the video, I get it to work, weakly, maybe 1 out of 10 attempts. If I do it in my modified position, I can get it to work better about 5 our of every 10 attempts.

Regardless of my own results thus far, I still say this utility has a lot of potential and is a very cool, very visual and rather unique way to reveal selected cards. Overall, I give it my full rating because of those characteristics and features, including those listed above.



everyone must buy this! bizau teaches it so well and his variations and routines on the move are just ingenius! so buy this and it will be a move you will add to your to your performances.

great job on this!



This is simple, easy to do, and really visual. the teachnig is good and you will perform it in no time. it is fun to throw into the midst of a trick to spice things up. Well done.