Magic download (video) by Bill Goodwin
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Magic download (video) by Bill Goodwin ($40.00)

An exquisite selection of eleven ingenious effects from one of our era's finest card magicians, Bill Goodwin. Included is material culled from his hard to find lecture notes as well as several effects never before published. This is the first time a collection of his secrets has ever been released on video.

Using only an ordinary pack of cards, discover the secrets of a true sleight of hand artist and experience the deviant card magic of Bill Goodwin.

With over 2.5 hours of performances, in-depth instruction and the complete history behind each routine and sleight, Reflection is not simply a collection of tricks, but an important course for the advancement of your card magic.

*The DVD set's accompanying booklet is not included in the purchase of this digital version of Reflection.*


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Unless you?ve been living in an isolation chamber for the past 20 years, you are well aware that Bill Goodwin is one of the finest card magicians on the planet. He is creative, has superb chops and is a scholarly student of card magic?s history. He has the enviable, kid-in-the-candy-store position of Magic Castle librarian. With Gordon Bean, he edits and publishes the marvelous Penumbra.

In this Collection, Mr. Goodwin teaches a number of his pet effects that have served him well for many years. He is well prepared, relaxed and he does a very good job of teaching this material. He diligently provides attribution for all of the effects.

The Collection boasts first class production values. It was shot in high definition with multiple cameras and is well edited. In addition to shots from the crowd?s perspective, you can also view the handlings from the performer?s point of view. This is a very helpful feature.

A nine page companion booklet written by Mr. Goodwin is included. It cites the history and credits of the sleights and effects taught on the Collection. This is a very informative booklet and provides much additional value.

All of the effects require an intermediate to advanced level of technical proficiency. And they are worth it!

This Collection sets a high water mark in terms of the quality of material, level of instruction and production values. All Collections should provide this much bang for your buck. I applaud Mr. Goodwin and the Buck brothers for creating the best product that I ever reviewed.



Let's cut to the chase, shall we? If you want to learn serious card magic, you could do a lot worse than learning from Bill Goodwin. He's the librarian at the Magic Castle and is well-regarded for his knowledge, friendliness, and skill.

This disc is first-class in every measure. Its no nonsense design, as well as its excellent video and sound, serve the material and Mr. Goodwin quite well. In addition to the credits and historical information that Goodwin conveys during the lessons, there is also a printed booklet included with even more background and references. A printed booklet with a magic Collection?! And it's entirely devoted to furthering knowledge?! Bravo, indeed.

If you buy Reflection, the only thing you'll find lacking is your own ability to make these tricks look as effortless and magical as Bill Goodwin does.



I love this Collection, all the tricks are done with a normal deck of cards!!! no extra cards, just a normal deck and your hands. It's just awesome!!! But you'll have to practice a lot, because it may look like simple when you see the performance but in fact it's not. If you buy Reflection you won't be disappointed.



This Collection is awesome.

All the tricks are so impressive, and if you perform these tricks you get really good reactions.

But this is not a beginner Collection, because some tricks are hard to do.

However, this is a great Collection and with this purchase you learn some great information!



A dozen visually stunning tricks by one of the world's best living card handlers. Meticulous crediting on the Collection and way-better-than-average book accompanying it, with detailed, multi-perspective lessons in sleights useful far beyond just the routines here. Buy two so you still have it after the first one wears out. A modern classic.



Bill Goodwin is one of my favorite magicians because everything he does is so smooth, it feels and appears like real magic. Everything on this Collection is gold. Another must-buy for magicians. A lot of sleight of hand is taught on here, and Mr. Goodwin's expertise and understanding of the history behind the magic will make anyone become a better magician. Much respect goes out to Goodwin for his sleight of hand skill and masterful showmanship. Amazing.

Reflection by Bill Goodwin