(SP)read Control

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(SP)read Control

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Magic download (video) by Spencer Peterson ($8.00)

Spencer Peterson is a young magician from New York City with a plethora of good ideas. One of those ideas is a variation of the Miller Cascade Control done under the guise of a table spread.

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Spread control is the control that allow you to control a selected card, no matter if it's peeked, picked or removed from the deck by spectators, to the top of the deck, to the middle of the deck, or into the place that you want it to be. The move is not difficult to do, and it looks very natural. Moreover, there are several applications for this move, such as, controlling the selected card to the top of the deck, producing the selected card between sandwiches, switching the selected card with an indifferent card. You can apply this to many several ideas. This utility move is very good, and worth to practice. In the tutorial, there are not only the move, but also tricks that could be done using this move, and a lot of ideas to create your own effect.

(SP)read Control by Spencer Peterson