Magic download (video) by Valdemar Gestur
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Magic download (video) by Valdemar Gestur ($15.00)

With no hands, threads or magnets, a deck mysteriously cuts itself to the exact location of a spectator’s card. If that isn't enough, the magician may then command the card to be pulled from the center by an invisible force. With all eyes on the deck, this moment will leave your audience screaming.

Created by Valdemar Gestur and performed by Shin Lim. Target offers six variations to suite your performing style, from a ghostly slow-motion version to a whirling flourish we know you'll love. Also included is an easy method for levitating the cards from the box. You might just never manually remove them again.

The secret is a versatile new gimmick you won't want to be without. It's undetectable and allows for everything to be handed out with literally nothing to find. Better yet, nearly every drugstore carries it and Shin goes over exactly what it is.


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I am not too into magic, as I fell out of it years ago after finding flourishing. I do still perform magic and practice certain tricks that catch my eye. I will say, I am not impressed easily and this effect had me drooling! The tutorial is very in depth and easy to understand and the variations are definitely worth the price you see here! This is my first card effect I have purchased from D&D and I am so glad I did! Great job Valdemar!



Six different variations are taught in detail and the secret is versatile new gimminck that is available at you nearest drugstore. You will force your spectators into believing that you do indeed possess supernatural powers. I highly recommend it.



It is like a ghost pulling it! I really love this trick and it is definitely a trick you magicians should learn out there.



Target is a great trick; it takes one of my personal favorite plots in magic -- the haunted pack -- and makes it much more simple and hands free than the usual loops set up. I think that this is really great for anyone, but especially for the fresher magicians who really want to show people magic, even though they're not necessarily very good performers yet.

When I bought this trick, I was honestly not at all expecting the method used, and I must say it is awfully nifty. That being said, the method used will take a good amount of practice and patience in order to perform successfully, as the "gimmick" will take some getting used to when handling the cards. Other than this though, I don't believe anyone should encounter any problems with this trick, and it is a shoe in to fool anyone, as all haunted packs are. I also appreciate that a few variations are taught, and what is seen in the trailer is taught through and through, which is a plus as there is oftentimes a large array of trailer butter that is shown but not taught.

All in all, Target is a great trick by a great magician. From me, it receives four stars due to the fact that the method can be rather frustrating, but that should not deter one from purchasing it, it simply means that it will take a little more practice and experimentation with one's own methods and thoughts.

Target by Valdemar Gestur