The Unreal Sessions

Magic download (video) by Paul Wilson and Jason England
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The Unreal Sessions

78.00 usd

Magic download (video) by Paul Wilson and Jason England ($78.00)

A collection of material filmed by Paul Wilson and Jason England while traveling across country for their 2012 Unreal Tour. Each Episode contains at least three items, whether it's a magic trick, gambling technique or card sleight is up to you to find out. Guest submissions include Dani DaOrtiz, Asi Wind, Gary Plants, Chad Long, and Dan Buck to name a few.


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  • Brian asks: Does the $65 price include all of the Unreal Sessions? I notice there are multiple installments.

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Yes it does!
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Customer reviews for The Unreal Sessions





Loaded with wonderful pieces of magic, i would recommend it to any serious card magician



I am a fan of both Pauls' and Dani's work. Jason, being one of those "gambling expert" magicians, has never been much on my radar, but now he is, and will be from now on.

Nice, easy to understand, and contains several interesting and useful bits and pieces beyond the basic tricks.
Paul Wilson provides an interesting solution for instantly producing four cards, aces or whatever, on top of the deck in a single, seemingly innocent wave of the hands. Pretty to see and pretty easy to execute.

I don't care much for gambling-related tricks, but Jason England's contribution was less gambling than a fun game between the magician and spectator.

Dani is always a pleasure to watch in action. One of the original Hofsinzer problems is the starting point for a routine involving the spectator's free selection of a number of cards from atop the shuffled deck. The cut cards match the magician's prediction... not once, but twice.

All in all a quick - approximately 30 minutes - interlude containing three tricks, lots of possibilities, and even a treasure hunt of sorts. The camera work was top-notch, the teaching clear and understandable, and the material worth consideration. Yeah, it was worth the price of admission.





Brilliant work! Getting to see such a variety of amazing card workers is awesome. I especially loved Asi's performance and presentation here.



Unreal Sessions episode 5 is a treat.
I quite liked Jason England's Fever Nails - a slick version of a fun Gary Plants sucker trick from his 2004 Dallas Lecture notes.
Mark Mason's Put & Take move is amazing and has me reconsidering my wardrobe choices.
4 stars!

The Unreal Sessions by Paul Wilson and Jason England