The Vault - A Card Merely Thought Of (ACMTO)

Magic download (video) by Molim El Barch
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The Vault - A Card Merely Thought Of (ACMTO)

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Magic download (video) by Molim El Barch ($20.00)

"If you want to perform direct mind reading - you'll love this!" The Other Brothers

"I will use this for the rest of my life on a regular basis!" Daryl van Horne

"This is diabolical! What real mind reading should look like." Shaun Robison

A Card Merely Thought Of is one the most direct mind-reading effects you'll ever see. It is an amazing two-phase effect that offers a unique approach to the classic "Think of a Card" plot.

You fan the deck of cards and allow your spectator to make a free choice of one playing card. They don't have to select a playing card with their hands. They simply scan the fanned out cards and choose one with their mind while you turn the other way.

Then, after squaring the deck, you're able to name their card with 100% accuracy every time.

In the next phase, you allow the spectator to shuffle the cards and then take out their selection. Without turning around or touching the deck of cards, you're still to correctly identify their card. Don't be surprised if your audiences truly start to believe you have supernatural powers!

ACMTO can play big or small. It's perfect for everything from close-up magic to stage magic and even virtual magic over video calls.

  • NO gimmicks
  • Use ANY deck of cards
  • Spectator can hold the cards
  • Can be done for virtual magic shows over Zoom

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Customer reviews for The Vault - A Card Merely Thought Of (ACMTO)



This trick is a great variation of an important plot in card magic. The stuff explained allows you to create your own thought of card trick. I gave it only three stars because there are two main problems:
1) the spectator couldn't actually think of ANY card in the deck, but it is NOT a force and it's easy to discover their card, unlike the discovery system, the main sleight isn't explained with all details and it isn't so simple;
2) the system is language-sensible and it's explained with the English and the German languages.
Anyway, I would have bought it if I had already known it because it's good stuff.


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