The Vault - Nova

Magic download (video) by Avi Yap and Skymember Presents
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The Vault - Nova

19.95 usd

Magic download (video) by Avi Yap and Skymember Presents ($19.95)

"I LOVE this move!! This breathtaking move is not easy, but soooooo worth the time and effort required for your card man arsenal!!" - Gregory Wilson

Many eye candy card tricks like TNR and Color Changing usually require gimmicks to achieve the visualness. What if we are telling you that our in-house artist, Avi Yap has developed a concept to perform these card tricks without any gimmicks, yet they are still insanely visual?

From the mind of Avi Yap, we proudly present to you Nova.

Nova is Avi Yap's signature card routine that has been developed for more than 4 years. Nova has impressed many respected magicians around the world like Dave Buck, Daniel Prado, Shawn Farquhar, Harapan Ong and Gregory Wilson. It's hard to believe that Nova doesn't require gimmicks until you learn the secret.

In this DVD, you will learn:

Color Change Perform an eye candy color changing effect utilizing Nova's concept.

Utility Move Nova doesn't only shine when done visually. Utilizing Nova's concept, you can execute a card switch right under the spectator's nose without them even realizing.

Torn and Restore Perform unbelievable TNR plot like never before.

Marked Card Tear the corner of the signed card and hand it to your spectator. In a split second, the color of the signed card changes. The spectator then reveals the torn corner to still match the signed card. If you desire, you can change the color of the torn corner as well.

Spark Visually transform a deck of cards to blank utilizing Nova's concept.

Spark 2.0 Spread the deck and have the spectator to choose a card, tear the corner and mysteriously vanish the torn corner. In the next second, you visually restore the card without any cover. Final Kicker? You turn the rest of the deck into the blank cards.

If you want to take your sleight of hand card tricks to the next level look no further. You need to add this to your library.

Thoughts from Professional Magicians:

"WOW FOOLED ME!! I suspected a gimmick because it looks too perfect. Oh, was I wrong. Nova is one of the best examples of visual sleight of hand card magic I've seen in a while!"

  • Dave Buck

"Avi Yap has created a mind-blowing visual effect that brings magic back in the game. It is rare to see something that looks like real magic. It is a rich technique with lots of applications. If you are into sleight of hand, this is a must learn!"

  • Daniel Prado

"It's a slick visual move with lots of potential to create many effects."

  • Shawn Farquhar

"Avi is one of Singapore's rising young stars in magic who combines slick sleight of hand and eye-popping visuals to his magic. He has taken a standard card flourish and made it into a thing of magical beauty. His execution is flawless."

  • Harapan Ong

"Might you consider this move like a knob: it might open a door to infinite possibilities, or you might just end up using it to break someone's head with it. Either way, a win-win situation."

  • Bizau Cristian

Download the video today!

Available now in Digital Edition and DVD.

Disclaimer: This is advanced sleight of hand and not suitable for beginners. Blank cards are not provided with the purchase.


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  • Matthew asks: How similar is this move to the Ambitious Riser? It seems to be quite similar but done much quicker. I am very interested in the mechanics of it but am curious to know how similar it is before purchasing.

    • 1. Tony answers: It's different, completely different method in my opinion. The Nova is much easier than the Ambitious Riser, basically, it's the application for an old pop out move. In fact, you can use the Ambitious Riser move for Nova routines (it's better I think but harder)
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This is a fantastic move. It will take a long time to master, but once you have it down you will have quite the weapon in your card handling arsenal. The move is thoroughly explained and several applications and effects given with decent quality video and sound. A bit of a tip: if you are having a lot of trouble try relaxing your grip, it is working for me. It's knacky, but keep working it!

The Vault - Nova by Avi Yap and Skymember Presents