Magic download (video) by Akira Fujii
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Magic download (video) by Akira Fujii ($25.00)

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"Sidewinder" by Akira Fujii is a masterful card magic technique that will accelerate your card work.

Control a playing card from the middle of the deck and also perform some of your other favorite moves faster and smoother than ever before.

  • Steal / Glimpse / Crimp
  • Top and Bottom Control
  • No Break Dribble Force
  • Color Change
  • Reverse and Control
  • Right hand Palm
  • Left hand Palm
  • Reverse Left hand Palm

Download "Sidewinder" today!

Running Time: approx 36min


Customer reviews for Sidewinder



This is a very versatile utility move. I have been practicing this for the past couple of weeks and I'm already starting to get comfortable with it. The teaching is with text and music but it's very well explained in my opinion. The use of a clear block in the instructions makes you really understand the finger motion. If you are an intermediate/advanced card handler and you want a refined side steal definitely check this out.



Ok lets talk about Sidewinder! For the cardistry magician, is a must have, really! I can't imagine now not doing this move in a performance. Its really nice and smooth, the gesture seem so natural. Don't forget to practice a lot before performing, because you can flash.
This is the move who really need practice toward a mirror, but once learned, its a pure jewel!
Have fun pal!



I've bought the video one or two weeks ago. I've started magic 1 year ago now. The move is really well explained. I don't really like when the video is put on pause to explain something, you always have to wait to see the move. When you just want to see the move again and again to understand how it works, you quickly wait a cumulative long time. BUT, the move is displayed from many angles so you can see exactly what is hapenning and this is real gold. The porn music used in the video drives you crazy, I had to mute the video but explanations are written so it's not a problem.

Recently, I learned top palming and one-handed top palming. These moves required practice, but they were not too difficult to hack. I saw that someone asked which is the difficulty of this move and Van. Inc. replied that the level of difficulty is similar to top palming. I don't agree with that. The core move for this trick is hard to learn. Thus far, I've learned intermediate moves such as pinky count, top palming, elmsley count, culling cards... These moves require practice but I was always quickly able to perform a rough version of these trick. Here, I've been working on the move for weeks, but I'm still searching how to perform the first step presented in the video. It's the hardest move I've tried to learn so far.

It's a really good move, the video explains it really well, but it's not an easy move to learn. But it's worth to learn it (I hope ha ha).


Community questions about Sidewinder

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  • Jim asks: How would you rate the level of difficulty of this move?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: It's very hard to rate difficulty of a move. Technically, it's on a similar level to a Top Palm. I'd guess you could say it's intermediate.
  • Jim asks: How are the angles? Thx

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: The central handling is good for about 180 degrees
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