Three Incredible Color Changes

Magic download (video) by Tony Chang, Michael Brewer and Hudson Taylor
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Three Incredible Color Changes

24.00 usd

Magic download (video) by Tony Chang, Michael Brewer and Hudson Taylor ($24.00)

This week, we wanted to go back and revisit some of our best downloads. Specifically, color changes. We have hand-picked these three because they are all very magical looking, they are all practical and they are all taught in great detail. Each change will take some practice but we're sure you'll agree that that they are well worth your time and attention.

The Toss Out Change: Watch this trailer and that is exactly what you'll say to yourself. It's what both of us said when we saw it. A card is displayed face up and gently, softly tossed to the table...where it changes into another card. The card never leaves your view and there are no fast, jerky motions.

What a stunning, lovely move this is. On a scale of 1-10, the difficulty of this sleight is a 7, which we feel is very manageable. The move is taught in expert detail and it's a lovely addition to add to your arsenal, for just $10.

The REL Change: When we were in Austin, Texas last year, everyone was talking about "the move'. It's a FANTASTIC color change by Michael Brewer that we just had to see. Wow. Just wow. When you see the trailer, you'll agree—this just looks like a camera trick.

It's a pretty difficult move but it has so many great applications. You can use it to change cards, bills, and other objects. That's right: when you learn this move, you will have many different effects and applications at your disposal. For us, this makes the incentive to learn it even greater.

ChangE is one of our oldest downloads but is still one of our favourites. Simply put, it is one of the most breathtaking, unique and commercial color changes we've ever seen. Floating on the underground for years, Vanishing Inc has the exclusive on this revolutionary sleight, along with three trick applications. When you watch this, you will do a double take, and then you'll keep on wondering how it's done. Tony touch with a deck of cards is second to none.


Customer reviews for Three Incredible Color Changes



I bought ChangE a long time a go because it fooled me so badly. When I saw all of these changes, I loved the look of them so I purchased instinctively, not least because it was only $20 for three downloads!

I was a little worried that I wouldn't be able to do them because they would be too difficult but 48 hours later, I am well on the way with the REL Change and the Toss Out Change. I really recommend this!



Great color changes for a great price. What's not to look. The Toss Out Change is awesome!



There is no excuse for not purchasing this set of downloads. There really is something for everyone. I'm going to get my teeth into the Toss-Out Change. It's super silky and addictive to watch. I'm already having great fun practicing it.

Thanks guys!



This is an amazing download. All three of these colour changes are really visual and fun to practise. They will take quite a bit of practise, but it will be worth it. Rel change is my favourite, it's just so insanely visual. Toss out change is quite hard for me, but also really visual. ChangE is a great change aswell. 100% recommend




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