Time Blink

Magic download (video) by Guillaume BOTTA
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Time Blink

11.00 usd

Magic download (video) by Guillaume BOTTA (11.00)

A self-working miracle you can't afford to miss!

Two incredible versions are packed into this amazing download. One for impromptu performances and one that uses a special watch.

EFFECT After removing their watch, the performer asks a spectator to twist the knob so the hands on the clock move randomly. While the magician's head is turned away, he instructs the spectator to stop whenever they'd like, look at the watch and remember the time they stopped at. (Example: 8:45)

The spectator then deals down playing cards and stops whenever they want and uses a bill to mark the position. This is repeated 2 more times to select 3 cards at random.

Phase 1
The magician divines the chosen time of 8:45

Phase 2
The magician shows the freely chosen cards to be an 8, 4 and 5

Phase 3
The magician then reveals that the cards have also been correctly predicted in writing on the back of the bills

The deck of cards is then turned over and fanned out to show that all the cards are actually blank!

The magician then instructs the spectator to look at the watch again. They are shocked to see the hands on the watch are gone.

Everything is examinable!

Download and start learning today!

The Timeless Deluxe watch is the perfect watch for this special phase of Time Blink and can be purchased here .


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  • Bradley asks: So do to the portion where the watch is used I need to purchase the gimmicked watch? Or is there an explanation for using a normal watch?

    • 1. Richard answers: Same here but I'm deaf and don't understand what he was saying on the watch.
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