Triple False Shift

Magic download (video) by Paul Wilson
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Triple False Shift

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Magic download (video) by Paul Wilson ($3.00)

In card magic, controlling multiple selections simultaneously is an invaluable utility move that opens the doors to countless opportunities. The method offered here by Paul Wilson is among our favorite. Not only are you able to control one to several cards in the natural action of cutting the deck but the deck itself maintains order.


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This utility move is a brilliant one. I really like it and I will be sure to use this in many routines that need to control multiple cards to the top without destroying the order of the decks. There is nothing flashy and it's really easy to do. From an audience's point of view, you are doing nothing but cutting the deck. I would really recommend this to every card magicians. You can't really miss this.



Although it takes some practice, the ability to control multiple cards, like the aces, to the top of the deck while apparently losing them in the deck is well worth it! A great move for any card magician!



Controlling multiple selections on top of the deck in one simple cut is great, but if you can do it without disturbing the order of the deck it's even better!

This move looks fair, not flashy at all and also very casual: it's a must have for any card magician



Great handling and taught very well. A little confusing to start but once you get it it flows very smoothly.



Paul Wilson presents a nice, casual looking multiple-shift in this OnDemand. His teaching is crystal clear; explaining the Pirandello-false, how he applied it the idea of using it in the action of a multiple-shift, and lastly he teaches and gives tips on something that's very basic, yet very important and probably not very well practiced by many card-guys.

Well worth it.

Triple False Shift by Paul Wilson