Wonder Aces

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Wonder Aces

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Magic download (video) by John Guastaferro ($5.00 - normally $10.00)

Fluid. Smooth. Surprising. "Wonder Aces" is just over a minute long, but it is ten years in the making. John Guastaferro (whose debut hit collection One Degree remains one of the most acclaimed Vanishing Inc. books in our history) is back with a sensational new download. "Wonder Aces" combines two older pieces with several brand new insights: the result is a silky smooth Ace routine.

You begin by producing Aces one by one: the first materializes, the second is found reversed in the pack, the third appears in a sandwich, and the fourth is "painted" across your fingers. But then things take off! The pack changes from blue to red, and to conclude, the Aces themselves change from blue to red.

"Wonder Aces" is within the realm of the intermediate performer, and no special cards are required. John G gives clear, step-by-step instructions on how to perform "Wonder Aces," which features his elegant Ballerina Cut.

This routine is worthy of your attention, and it can be performed set to music or performed with a narrative. A bargain at the offered price, add "Wonder Aces" to your repertoire today.

“A visual masterpiece!” Jack Carpenter

“You will be fooled as badly as I was. John G. has constructed a masterpiece of plot, structure, and handling. What a great trick!” John Bannon

“Wonder Aces typifies the work of John Guastaferro - elegant, economical, with one extra surprise you didn’t see coming. Then another one.” David Regal

This routine displays a wonderful economy in its ratio of method to effect. It is a lovely dance done for the eyes.Stephen Minch

Running time: 10 minutes 37 seconds


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  • Rick asks: Is this off of any of John's previously released DVDs or books? I've got 6 of his DVDs & that ballet cut colour change looks familiar.

    • 1. John Guastaferro (creator) responds: This specific combination of ideas does not appear in other DVDs or publications. However, it draws elements from John’s effects “Introverted” (One Degree and Center Stage) and “Tidal Wave Aces” (Brainstorm). Just download also explains the set-up and finer points from start to finish.
  • Steve asks: Absolutely fantastic routine ! But I have to ask.... does Van Inc. sell the gimmicked cards or deck needed to make this trick successful ? I'd like to order as soon as possible. Thanks. Steve

    • 1. Jeffrey answers: Read the whole description. No special cards needed.
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  • Edward asks: Do you discuss how to clean up? How easy is it to do so?

    • 1. John Guastaferro (creator) responds: Yes, a simple clean up is described. And as the description states, this routine is in the realm of the intermediate performer. Many are saying it’s much easier than it looks.
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Customer reviews for Wonder Aces



Woo! John G is back! Saw this on FB and wanted to learn. I can do it too! No where near as hard as it looks :D



Thanks John! Great routine. Having a lot of fun learning it. Very clever and easy to do. The Ballet Cut will take me a bit of practice but it's fun to learn.



Been a fan of John G since One Degree. So glad that he's releasing material again. This routine is just lovely.



Wow. Is it just me or is John the smoothest magician there is? Big fan of this. Learning it today. Instructions are clear and most of the routine is pretty easy actually.



Absolutely love this trick! John's explanation is great, especially his voice is so soothing and made me want to watch and listen over and over again. Definitely 5 star!



Great trick! Fun to learn and perform. Works great with a Prism Deck.

Wonder Aces by John Guastaferro