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Book by Woody Aragon
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A Book in English

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Book by Woody Aragon (49.95)

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Woody Arag贸n is an outstanding card magician, technical expert, and entertaining performer from Toledo, Spain. As a writer, lecturer, teacher, and performer, Woody has incredible insight and theories about magic that he shares in this book.

The card magic in this book will inspire, delight, and fool you as you learn and use it. You are in for a treat. Enjoy.

In these pages, you will find wonderful card magic, wonderful thinking, and effects that fool you as you perform them. Over the last few years, Woody has traveled internationally sharing his card magic and theories, performing, competing, and lecturing. Many magicians have asked "When will Woody write a book in English?". After two years of hard work, it's here and you are in for treat.

Much of the material in "A Book In English" is in print for the first time. Some of it comes from previous publications in Spanish but revised, rewritten and translated. Much of the material in this book is mathematical in nature. But fear not, it does not appear to be mathematical. Woody "gets it". Try it out and you will see that difficult sleights and moves are replaced with really smart thinking. This makes the card magic look and feel like real magic. For those who love sleights and moves do not worry. Woody is superb at sleight of hand and shares his work with that as well.

"Woody has always amazed me and I admire the constant flow of ideas that, if you look carefully from above, you can see moving under his scalp. Ideas for incredibly practical sleights (his "Separagon"), ideas for effects, methods (the genius of his "Human Scale", a version worthy of a standing ovation, which I have seen many audiences give Woody as they are amazed and full of wonder after seeing him perform it) and ideas for the structures of acts and shows."
Juan Tamariz

"Woody Arag贸n has officially raised the bar. Anyone worth their salt as a magician needs to have this book in their library."
Eric Jones

"Woody Arag贸n's spelling routine is not just entertaining and creative, it's also commercial. This is the effect everyone dreams to create ... I can't believe he's teaching the effect he used to win so many awards!"
Shawn Farquhar

"Woody Arag贸n is a full-time professional magician in Spain. I like the way he thinks and I predict that you will be seeing his name much more in the near future. In fact, if you'll turn the page, I guarantee it."
Steve Beam

Pages: 376 - Hardcover - 6.5" x 9.5" - Black and white photos


Customer reviews for A Book in English

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Woody Aragon doesn鈥檛 think like other people. This book is one I will reread from cover to cover.



I read up on this book before making the purchase. And boy how excited was I when I got the news that it arrived at my local post office! This book has not disappointed. I love the writing and I love how I can follow the thought process with each step of the trick. I havent read all the tricks yet but a handful in each section and I have enjoyed the thinking thus far.

I do acknowledge that puting these routines into my show will require intense study and patience. The mechanics of the tricks are one thing, but to really get every bit of juice out of the routines, the movements and pauses and focus... that is something worthy of our time.

So far I love Clockwork Woody as well as his ACAAN. The opening trick, Lucky in Love is familiar to those seasoned magicians, and to learn the original from the OG is just so special.

This is a book all magicians need in their library.



This is an excellent book written by an amazing artist and all around nice person.
I highly recommend it.



An apocalypse of new card magic for all who love stage and close up! It time to let your bicycle cards out of the there box to play with the tricks!



This books is simply amazing. Woody is a great thinker and his routines are well thought out. The trick he does for you on pg 25 that you follow along with is worth the price of admission, you can get a whole group to follow along and end up with an amazing outcome. For many of the tricks there are some extensive setups but each effect that he teaches is a masterpiece so it's worth it. Beautiful book too. This is destined to become a classic.



There is a lot here. The coverage is amazing, the instructions are laid out pretty good the photos are good. Some of them have this blurring effect which hurts my eyes to be honest. I think overall it's a good book with lots of magic in it. Was I blown away? Not quite. Was I dissapointed? Not by a mile. I can still recommend the book.


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