Cards Against Reality

Book by Lorenz Schär
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Cards Against Reality

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Book by Lorenz Schär (50.00)

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"One of the best well-structured and very well-defined books regarding magic I have read in a long time. Howard Hamburg

After three years of work, Lorenz Schär is proud to finally introduce Cards Against Reality. What began as a small booklet of ideas has evolved into a comprehensive exploration of some of Lorenz's most cherished card tricks and moves.

Written in English (and edited and revised by Steve Beam) this gorgeous hardcover book features more than 160 pages of insanely creative magic routines and sleight of hand moves that are clearly depicted through more than 100 detailed illustrations by Florian Aeschlimann. There are even some bonus magic theory concepts and non-card moves.

Nearly every magician can find something to benefit from within the contents of Cards Against Reality, which includes tricks and moves such as:

Longitudinal Slide Shift
A practical shift for stand-up card magic that offers great angles and avoids any rushed or odd movements.

The Merrow-Shuffle
A remarkably deceptive false table shuffle that is surprisingly simple to perform.

A comprehensive examination of jogs, and other various controls and new approaches.

A seemingly impossible version of the classic Stop trick.

One For Mr. Mayhew
Lorenz's center deal routine, with a few incredible refinements.

All Bags
A fun prediction routine where 51 cards are chosen (almost) freely.

Coincidencia Banal
A mind-boggling Triple Coincidence routine that requires only one deck.

Kool and the Gang
Lorenz's Follow the Leader Routine utilizing Giancarlo Scalia's Delight Switch

A triple threat of magic material with strong effects, clever ideas and a great title. Highly recommended. R. Paul Wilson

"Lorenz gives reality a swift kick in the backside with this glorious book. Take that reality!" Ricky Smith

"I must say that I thoroughly enjoyed everything in the book - the material is fantastic, and I must tell you that in every routine I learned at least one move, subterfuge, or ruse that was entirely new to me!" Jack Carpenter

"The perfect example of how good magic is made out of hundreds of little touches, subtleties, thoughtful technique and clever thinking" Pierric

The book is okay, but the profreading is epic. Steve Beam


Customer reviews for Cards Against Reality



Wonderful book, great details and brilliant thinking. I saw the „Coincidencial
Banal“ Routine live in a Close Up Theatre. Lorenz blew the 70 spectators away. And the „Go-Stop“ Routine is so much fun to perform. Small book - great impact!


Jose Manuel

This is the first time that I write a review of a magic book in English, but it is not just any book, but the first work of Lorenz Schär, one of the main contributors to Denis Behr's website
While it is a work focused on card magic
with technical gems like its beautiful Logitudinal Shift or its Satisfriction concept (which opens a range of possibilities limited only by the specific needs of each performer) as well as very well structured routines (my favorite is undoubtedly Kool and the Gang); there is also something for close-up magicians, where the top prize goes to Roto-Knive which is a knife pass of surprising subtlety and beauty.
Finally, I would like to emphasize the aesthetic value of this small format book, where its cover takes us back to a blank canvas, perhaps a wink to Lorenz's other passion: art. Besides, the details of the interior layout are very well taken care of and make its reading quick and pleasant.



The book is fantastic. The shift alone is worth the price. I will definitely use it as my go to pass as soon as I can.
The routines are great, too. It is not for the casual magician, who does 1-2 card tricks in his show. It's for those, who are spending their days with a deck of cards in their hands.



I bought this when the book was first being released from Lorenz himself. I have to say, there are a lot of interesting ideas in here. I certainly do not personally use any of the routines in here, but I liked the ideas behind them. I feel that the Longitudinal Slide Shift is the best thing I have seen/read so far. It really looks good in close up and I am surprised at how well covered the shift is. It is worth at least half the price of the book alone. The rest of the text has some interesting tidbits, but nothing that blew me out of the water. Perhaps I would wait for a coupon or sale, but definitely worth adding to your magic collection.


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