Hover Card Plus

Trick by Dan Harlan and Nicholas Lawrence
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Hover Card Plus

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Trick by Dan Harlan and Nicholas Lawrence (39.95)

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Hover Card Plus - magic
Hover Card Plus Hover Card Plus

One of the most visual and fooling card levitations ever created. Dan Harlan and Nicholas Lawrence turned the volume up to 11 on the classic “Hover Card” with this mind-bending illusion you will absolutely love.

You’ve probably seen the “Hover Card” popping up in a ton of online magic videos recently. That’s because the new, upgraded “Hover Card Plus” has been making its rounds at magic conventions and building up quite a reputation. And now we’re thrilled to finally have a chance to make this incredible effect available to the Vanishing Inc. Family.

"At first I thought Nick was showing me an old standard, and then I lost my mind when he handed me the card. Brilliant update." Erik Tait

“Hover Card Plus” features a brand-new, two-part gimmick that can be inserted into any deck of cards. You’ll even learn how to customize it to fit your favorite custom deck of playing cards. Everything hides in plain sight. This is a stunning close up magic levitation that will fool even magicians that think they know the secret. There’s no threads or wires, or seemingly anything, to be found.

With the “Hover Card Plus” playing card levitation, you can make a signed playing card impossibly float above a deck of cards, before plucking it out of thin air and showing the card on both sides. The fun doesn’t stop there though, because you’re then able to gently put it right back into its floating orbit in space. You can even take a few cards off the top of the deck to prove this is truly a levitating playing card.

Then, under your control, the signed floating playing card descends back to the top of the deck. Slide it off and hand it out immediately. It’s their card to keep. There’s nothing to find except their sudden urge to get your social media handle or business card.

"Stunning visuals and an absolutely brilliant method. This takes a classic many of us are familiar with and truly catapults it to another level!! Had me saying how in the h#%&??” Oz Pearlman

The included video instructions teach you everything you need to know about “Hover Card Plus”, including complete routines and how to customize your gimmick.

Whether you already own the “Hover Card” or this is in your introduction to the classic card magic effect, you can’t go wrong with “Hover Card Plus”. Each gimmick is handmade, so order yours today before they sell out!


Customer reviews for Hover Card Plus



This is a significant improvement on the original hover card gimmick, allowing the card behind the floating card to be removed, adding to the overall illusion. I intend to do some DIY to use the gimmick with a different deck of cards (although if the deck was poker sized, you probably won't need the DIY). As always, Vanishing Inc's customer service was on point and out plays any of their competition.



This is the kind of trick that I love. It's discrete, pretty clever, with more to it than I was expecting. The trick is almost ready-to-go out of the (very nice) box and is very portable. Love it.


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Community questions about Hover Card Plus

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  • Jeffrey asks: Is it the same gimmick as a few years ago? Jeffrey Marks

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: The gimmick is now in two parts. It can be inserted into any deck of cards. It still works like the old gimmick.
  • Mark asks: Do you have to commit the deck to this trick? Or could you do the Hover Card routine, hand out the signed card, and then (for example) ribbon-spread the deck?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: It can be inserted into any deck of cards. You’ll even learn how to customize it to fit your favorite custom deck of playing cards.
  • Stuart asks: How robust is the gimmick? Will it need replacing eventually?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: The gimmick is built to last thousands of performances but shouldn't need replacing for a very long time.
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