Trick by Ferry De Riemer
$27.50 Possibly discontinued.
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27.50 usd

Trick by Ferry De Riemer ($27.50)

Possibly discontinued.
Email me if it becomes available again.
How - magic

#HOW is an impossible new prediction routine from the creative minds of MagicFromHolland and Ferry de Riemer. A perfect blend of story, imagination, magic and wonder, all wrapped up in a card routine that will leave your audience asking just one question - HOW?

The effect is as follows. You begin by placing a prediction card on the table in full view. You then take deck of cards and proceed to shuffle the cards, after which you spread them face down on the table.

You proceed by asking the spectator to imagine that although the cards are shuffled, they have managed to group themselves into four-of-a-kinds. For example, all the fours together, all the fives together, all the nines together etc - but only in their imagination.

You now invite your spectator to call out any number from 10 to 40. Let's assume they choose 25. Using the tabled spread deck, you count to the 25th card and slide it forward, but of course you also take the three cards next to it because remember, the cards are imagined to be in four-of-a-kind groups. The rest of the deck is placed to one side.

You then ask your spectator to continue using their imagination to imagine the four face-down cards are the four aces, and to choose just one of these. The remaining three cards are placed next to the rest of the deck.

And now comes the reveal that it's all been building up to. The card is turned over and an ace of hearts is shown. The prediction card that has been on full view from the beginning is turned over to be a 100% match, the ace of hearts! A truly magical moment - but there's more!

You remind the spectator that they imagined that the four face down cards were the four aces, as you turn over the other three removed cards. However, they are completely blank, because as you say 'they are removed from your mind, an imagination doesn't last long.'

You then retrieve the remainder of the deck and turn the cards over to show that each and every card is also blank!

Some points to remember:

  • No deck switch
  • No rough & smooth deck
  • No short & long deck
  • Your spectator can choose ANY number
  • Ends clean
  • Easy to learn and perform

With your purchase you get a red or blue blank Bicycle deck, plus the necessary gimmicks and streaming video instructions.


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